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Camp Wolverton - Videos
Camp Wolverton
Full Color   Silent    Run time: 4:50 minutes
Photography: Unknown

          Great color film of summer camp at Wolverton in the early 1950's. The original film was discovered in 2013 under the stage at Camp Josepho where it sat, unnoticed for fifty years or more. The actual film was in very poor condition, having multiple spliced sections, many of which were spliced upside down.
          Many camp scenes and surrounding scenery at Sequoia National Park are shown. Scouts prepare for a pack trip into the Sierra by mapping their route, then preparing  supplies and packs, tied to wooden frames. Also shown is the outdoor "dinning hall" in camp. Next, there is a scene of staff man Gordon Watson, 1953 Tamet Lodge OA Chief, playing a song on a ukulele. There is an interesting section of building a fire by "shaving" kindling and then a CPR demonstration given by another unknown staff man wearing his Order of the Arrorw sash. A brief segment shows an adult who might who might be Council professional Stan Morse. Near the end of the film, troops head out into their pack trip with burros.

Viewing Tips:  Begin-click the arrow in the center or lower left. Pause-click the two bars in the lower left.
Blow Up Full Screen: Click four arrows in lower right corner. Return to small screen: tap ESCAPE key in upper left of your key board.

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