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About Camp Wolverton
Opened: 1939
Closed: 2011

              Camp Wolverton, at an elevation of 7,200 feet, was a Boy Scout summer camp and
High Sierra adventure base for hiking, fishing and camping in Sequoia National Park. The camp was located less than ¾ of a mile from the famous General Sherman tree, by volume the largest known living single stem tree on earth. Between 1939 and 2011, Wolverton was operated by Crescent Bay Council, Great Western Council and Western Los Angeles County Council through a special use permit from the National Park Service which included up to eighty acres of park land.
          Camp Wolverton was thought to be the only Scout camp in the country located in a National Park. Troops from Crescent Bay Council often alternated their annual summer camping experiences between Camps Wolverton and Emerald Bay on Catalina Island. 
          In addition to troop camping, Wolverton was used one week each summer for Junior Leader Training (JLT and JLIT), and later, Polaris Two Star training. Until 1976, the camp had a full program staff for the troops which included merit badge instruction, evening campfires, guided back country trips and Order of the Arrow ceremonies. After 1976, the camp was used mostly as a base camp where troops developed their own programs.
          Camp Wolverton was also used as a base camp for Senior Scout pack trips to the summit of Mount Whitney, the highest peak in the continental United States, and other lakes and locations in the Sierra. The hike, originally called "14,496 Club" commemorating the height of Mount Whitney, was changed to "14,495 Club" in the late 1950's reflecting changing altitude measurement techniques as establish by the U.S. Geological Survey.

Camp Layout & Facilities

          The camp was comprised of a central meeting, dinning, shower and camp fire area surrounded by several primitive camping sites. There were few permanent structures, most notably a small lodge built in 1947 that served as a kitchen, commissary/food storage, office, trading post, first aid station, tool and equipment locker, and occasionally staff sleeping quarters in the attic. Centralized dinning for the camp was held outdoors around the lodge where meals were provided by a camp cook.

Camp Wolverton Main Lodge
circa Early 1960's

View of the lodge surrounded with camp-related items that typically accumulated during the summer camping season.
Small building outcropping on the far right was a food storage area that was later replaced with the body of an old milk truck. 
NOTE: the main lodge was fabricated at Camp Josepho by Frank "Pop" Pudney and Paul Weiss
and assembled at Wolverton in 1947.
(image courtesy of
          The National Park Service closed out the Boy Scouts special use permit after the summer of 2011, bringing an end to seven decades of summer Scout camping in Sequoia National Park. The Main Lodge is all that currently remains of the former Camp Wolverton.

Description from Crescent Bay Area Council Flyers 
circa Late 1950's

CAMP WOLVERTON...80 acres - alt. 7200 feet
Camp Wolverton, Sequoia National Park, serves as a high adventure camp during the summer with one
week periods. Sleeping on pine needles, exploring back trails, fishingthe mountain streams, and burro
packing into the high country; all these are real experiences you will not want to miss. Units under their own leadership with paid reservations and fees are assured a "High Advnenture in the Sierras."

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Roads to Camp Wolverton Map  
  circa Late 1950's

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Camp Wolverton Illustrated Map
(courtesy of

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Camp Wolverton Satellite Map 

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Camp Wolverton Topography Map
(courtesy of Frank Glick)

           Approximate maximum boundaries of Camp Wolverton during the 1950's - 60's shown in orange.
Black dot in orange area is the Camp Wolverton BSA main lodge building.
After 1976, the area north of Wolverton Creek and south of Wolverton Road was removed
from the special use permit and was no longer used by the Boy Scouts.
Base map is 1993 Lodgepole 7.5 minute quadrangle; north is towards the top of the map.

(Special thanks to Frank Glick for his help in writing this page)
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