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Adult Leader Training - Documents  

Training Report
Excerpt from Crescent Bay Council Annual Report p.3

Kenneth Monroe-Chairman

Training Report
Excerpt from Crescent Bay Council Annual Report p.1

Kenneth Monroe-Chairman

Training Card
June 1, 1943

National issue training card issued to Art Smith for completing Elements of Scout Leadership courses 1 and 11.
Signatures: James West; ?; C. L. McCluney; F.R. Hill
(image courtesy of Frank Glick)

Three Year Training Program
August 16, 1950

National issue training certificate issued to Earl Grabhorn for completing three years of training.
Signatures: B. Houghton; Arthur Schuck; R. L. Ryan; F.R. Hill; Richardem L. Hill

Scouter's Basic Training
Troop 258
November 17, 1958

Skills and Treasure Hunt

Without the aid of a compass, follow landmarks and distances. Bring back evidence of and be able to identify:
  • Edible plants
  • Animal Life
  • Bird Life
  • Water Life
  • Different Shrubs
  • Minerals

Using a knife only and natrual materials, build:
  • Lean-to for overnight camping
  • Fire by friction that works


Certificate of Appreciation
Earl Grabhorn - Service to Council Training
  June 17, 1968

National issue certificate
Signatures: Schiller Colberg; Irwin O. Goldring

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