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Training - Wood Badge   

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Wood Badge is a Scouting leadership program for adult leaders. Courses aim to make Scouters better leaders by teaching advanced leadership skills, and by creating a bond to the Scout movement. Courses generally have a combined classroom and practical outdoors-based phase followed by a Wood Badge ticket, also known as the project phase. By "working the ticket", participants put their newly gained experience into practice to attain ticket goals aiding the Scouting movement. The first Wood Badge training was organized by Francis "Skipper" Gidney and lectured at by Robert Baden-Powell and others at Gilwell Park (United Kingdom) in September 1919.

On completion, participants are awarded a pair of small wooden beads, one on each end of a leather thong, for wear around the neck as part of the Scout uniform. The beads are presented together with a taupe neckerchief  bearing a tartan patch of the Maclaren clan, honoring William De Bois Maclaren, who donated the funding to purchase Gilwell Park. 

Crescent Bay Area Council adult leaders participated in Wood Badge training that was conducted by Region Twelve of the Boy Scouts.

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Scouters attending Wood Badge training  formed into patrols. The patrols originally
made their own patrol flags. Later, National issue patrol flags were used.

Soaring Eagle Patrol
Camp Chawanakee
Shaver Lake, CA

Signatures: George D. Hanman; Maynard A. Hillard; Ralf Bleeker; Dee J.Valintine; Jim Gallbreath;
Pete Pitard; Howard Duncan; Jack B. Welborne; Earl Grabhorn; C. W. Latshaw

Pheasant Patrol
Camp Chawanakee
Shaver Lake, CA

Signatures: Bob Whelan; Riley E. Thornburg; Al Kaisler; Roger Mahaney; Don McKay; Ambrose Jampur;
Robert L. Dodge; Don Mathews; Jim Gallbreath; Dee J. Valintine; Raymond C. Paul; Bob Zweifer; Jess Sutfin

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Painted on wood. Hand crafted by
Gene Lauxman from Westwood District.


Crescent Bay Council - Soaring Eagle Patrol
Camp Chawanakee - Shaver Lake, CA

Crescent Bay Area Council Wood Badge group
Earl Grabhorn, 3rd from left.

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