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About Showando

          Showando was first held September 20, 1958 at Camp Josepho. The one day event was developed by Ward Orvis, Council Training Chairman and was open to all Scouters.
The format staffed by trained adults, involved instruction in twenty basic Boy Scouting skills.  According to Jim Price, event chairman, "A Showando brings to Boy Scouting some of the flavor, the enthusiasm, and the fun a Cub Scout Pow Wow gives to Cub Scouting." Ten hours of teamwork as a patrol was used in a competitive, inter-patrol rally. Food was provided to cook dinner, "scout fashion", and the total cost was $1.69 per participant.
          Sometime in the mid 1960's, the name was changed to Show-and-Do or Show-An-Do and two separate courses were held annually during most years through 1972.  Attendees were allowed to sign up for only  five of the available courses during any session. Completion of Show-And-Do became a requirement for receiving a green Troop 258 neckerchief as part of basic leader training. 

Showando Announcement
Round-Up September 1958


Show-An-Do Tags 

1960       Early 1960's

Stamped on metal
 with yellow mono filament.

Stamped on metal with string.
The purpose of these tags is unclear.

Stamped on metal

Neckerchief Slides


Earliest style of
Camp Sales Co. slide. Printed plastic disc on silver slide base. Made by long-time Crescent Bay Scouter Glenn Gordon.

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Show-An-Do Documents  

Show-An-Do Program Book
            Show-An-Do Program Book



Show-An-Do Attendance Card


 Cost was $1.25 for the one-day outdoor skills trainnig course given March 18, 1967. Show-An-Do was a prerequisite to earn the Scoutmaster's Key medal.

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