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Junior Leader Training - Council Neckerchiefs  

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Council Junior Leader Training Neckerchiefs

Philmont Contingent
Golden Jubilee
  Silk screened on heavy cotton. This neckerchief is probably the first piece of Council JLT insignia designed for participants representing the Council at Philmont.  Each neckerchief was issued with the official
National issue 50th Anniversary metal neckerchief slide.

  Silk screened on cotton.
Believed to have been used for a JLT function
at the Council Jubilee Camporee held at
UCLA on July 23-24, 1960.

Program Changes in 1961     

For the first time, all participants and nominees for Junior Leader Training would attend a 7-day training session at Camp Wolverton. This week-long session would be preceded by a weekend gathering at Camp Josepho where nominees would be organized into patrols by district. These patrols were to serve as faculty for future district training events. In addition, JLT patrol leaders and their assistants served as the district's representatives at Philmont.

      A new neckerchief for the Council Junior Leader Training program was designed that included the Wolverton Bear along with the Philmont PS brand.It appears that no Staff version of the 1961 JLT neckerchief was issued.


Type A

Type B


 Type A is silk screened on dark yellow cotton

Type B is silk screened on yellow cotton



1962 Staff


silk screened on cotton

silk screened on cotton


  1963 Staff
  silk screened on cotton
   silk screened on cotton


  1964 Staff
A Sandy's Plastics slide was issued to Staff members
instead of a special Staff neckerchief in 1964. A different
version of the slide was also available to participants.
   silk screened on cotton, plain hemmed border


Mid 1960's JLIT Staff

Junior Leader Instructor Training Staff patch sewn to
  sateen neckerchief. Exact purpose unknown but may have been used for JLIT Staff at Camp Wolverton

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