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Junior Leader Training - Documents 

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Patrol Leaders Training Troop
May 6, 1922

 by Donald Monroe,
Crescent Bay District Council's
first Scout Executive,

           This detailed program outlining everything a young Scout would need to become an effective leader of his peers, within the Patrol, Troop and life. It was assembled within months of the creation of the Council and served as a template for over fifty years of training young men through the patrol method.

           Oldest known document within the Crescent Bay Council archive. The Patrol Leader's Book outlined the very first Crescent Bay Camp in Temescal Canyon and ultimately was influential in the scouting experience of thousands of Scouts growing up on the westside of Los Angeles.

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Junior Leader Conference - Venice District
October 17-18, 1953
Camp Josepho

Saturday Schedule
  Sunday Schedule

          The weekend program started at 2 PM with a general assembly that included singing, introductions and an orientation of troop leader duties, responsibilities and relationships.     
           Discussion groups included: Organization & Meetings; Camping & Hiking; and Projects & "Fun". Dinner was followed by a campfire and a film on the "Patrol Method".

          These Sunday breakfast included group singing followed by Inspection of Quarters and Church service. The morning centered around a 2½ hour demonstration on Patrol Organization.
          Lunch included more songs, packing up and another inspection. After lunch, there was a group assembly that discussed purpose and the division of youth leadership positions in a troop. The day ended on a recap of the weekend and awarding certificates.

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Camper Appraisal

Used during Council JLT camp, September 28, 1959. Categories included spirit, participation, scout craft & leadership.
ISSUED TO: Mark Twain Hannah, Troop 53
SIGNATURES: Wesley Hartman • John Conley

JLT Wolverton & Philmont
Summary Report to Council


JLT Promotional Brochure

Philmont National Junior Leader Brochure


Philmont National JLT Menus


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JLT Acceptance Letter
May 15, 1961
      Detailed JLT Philmont Trip Analysis
Report by Mike Hiele
September 7, 1961


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JLT Nomination Card

JLT Nomination Card



Junior Leader Training Songs

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1922  1959  1961

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Junior Leader Conference
April 17, 1955
            Order of the Arrow Award
Junior Leader Conferences
April 17, 1955 

National issue certificate, used into the 1970's.
Issued to: Stephen Shields
Signed: Mike Buduchiah?

          These certificates were awarded to Stephen Shields from Troop 27. Prior to the development of Junior Leader Training (JLT) in 1957, Junior Leader Conferences (JLC) were conducted by the districts to assemble and train youth troop leaders.
          In the Mid 1950's, Tamet Lodge became involved with JLC and issued  awards. How long the Order of the Arrow JLC award was used, along with its requirements, are unknown.

Signed: George M. Zakaryan, District Commissioner;
              Art Leponear, Training Chairman

  Junior Leader
Training Conference
  October 12, 1957

National issue certificate, used into the 1970's.
Issued to: Bob Kierluff
Signed: Paul C. Doose

    Wolverton J.L.T.
  September 2, 1960
    Philmont JLT Camp
  July 10, 1960
National issue certificate, used into the 1970's.

Issued to: Marc Medoff S.P.L.
Signed: Frank Walsh; William Kenny

           Beginning in the late 1950's, Crescent Bay Area Council organized annual trips to the National Junior Leader Training program offered at Philmont Scout Ranch in New Mexico. Graduates of the Philmont programs became staff at the Council JLT programs offered at Camp Wolverton.
Issued to: Marc Medoff
Signed: Jack L. Rhea; William E. Laurence; Ken L. Hitchmoor?

Certificate of Appreciation
Earl Grabhorn - Chairman, Junior Leader Training
Santa Monica District
October 10, 1964

National issue certificate

Signatures: John Neff; O. H. Norge

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