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About Den Mother Training  
          Crescent Bay Council Den Mothers participated in their own special training.

Beginning in the late 1940's, Los Angeles Area Council teamed up with the May Co. department store to sponsor the annual Den Mother's workshop. The one-day program included information on den organization and activities for Cub Scouts. May Co. Den mother workshops were conducted annually through 1963.

           Two years later, Crescent Bay Council began organizing its own scaled back version of the Den Mother Workshops, which were organized on a District level.

           Over lapping the Work Shops, the Council's training committee developed Cub leader programs in the early 1960's. This training was  open to Den Mothers and other parents involved with Cub Packs.

Round-up Article
November 1965

Culver Palms District organizes
its first Den Mother's Workshop.
Note: Ruth Greatorex wears a
Crescent Bay Trained patch
on the shoulder of her uniform.

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Workshop Coordinator
Early 1960's

Participants to the Den Mother's workshop received a certificate. The work shop coordinator patch was one of the few pieces of insignia available.

In the 1950's, Den Mothers training also became part of the Crescent Bay Area Council adult training program.Den Mothers wore the  same patches worn by their male counterparts trained as pack leaders and committee men.

Asian embroidery.

see more information on the
Adult Leader Training -Patches page.

Trained Leader
Early 1960's
Cub Leader Training
Early 1960's-72
Cub Leader Training

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Participation Certificate


 Workshop Folder

Awarded to Mrs. Florence McGraw
February 9, 1954




Welcome Letter

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