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About Adult Leader Training

          Training of Scouting principals along with Troop organization and operations was an integral part of the Scouting program predating the 1920's. Crescent Bay Council developed its own programs, training adults in every aspect of Scouting from how to be a Scout Master and running a Troop, to teaching the boys first aid. These regularly held training meetings, conferences and camp outs, developed in complexity and sophistication throughout the 1930's and 1940's. Special Troops of adults were formed to be training Troops. Training was handled on the District level, the Council level and the National level. With the outbreak of World War II and the subsequent depletion of experienced Scouters and Senior Scouts, the Council needed to rev up its training programs to keep the scouting movement functioning smoothly. Existing programs were committed to writing and new programs were developed to meet the challenges.

The Scouter's Guide
Comprehensive Crescent Bay Council Training Booklet
c. 1942


Paper back booklet filled with text on Crescent Bay Council and Troop organization
along with cartoons, drawings & words of wisdom

          By the early 1940's, training programs expanded to include the boys. Scouts were taught everything from the actual skills of Scouting to how to be a leader. Programs were developed to train Cub Scout Leaders and Den Mothers. There were training programs for training Commissioners. There were programs to train Order of the Arrow members and leaders. There were even programs to "train the trainers". There was probably no greater organizational programing and emphasis within Crescent Bay Council than the structure of training built by the Council.
          The programs started in the 1950's changed names and goals many times over the years. Basic Leader Training, Training Troop 258, Cub Leader Training and Den Mother Training continued through the merger of the Council in 1972. Introduction of the adult version of Polaris One Star in 1965 added yet another component of Crescent Bay Area Councils' elaborate and comprehensive training program.

(Thanks to Frank Glick for his help in writing this page)

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