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Camp Slauson - Photos 1930's  
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All photos are originals or prints/scans from original negatives unless otherwise noted


  Johnny Prentiss at the old Troop 1 (Santa Monica) cabin                                                             Fossil Ridge


                A baseball game at the parade ground                                                                Unknown Scouts at Camp


   Main parade ground. Hoisting the flag in front of Johnny Prentiss'
   Chevrolet roadster. Camp fire circle in background across creek.



          L-R: Keith Hurlbut; Bill Trout; Gordon Lawson                                          Scouts in Camp. Steve Kline kneeling on right
                    (Possibly on Fossil Ridge)


              Keith Hurlbut (on left) at the Burnt out Cabin                             In front of Headquarters - Steve Klein, Townsand Peck

    Hal Brode with a snake in each hand            Bill Trout studies a snake on a stick                                    Bill Whiffen
                                                                                                                                                          Scoutmaster of Troop 36


    Unknown Scouts at Troop Cabin                                       Troop Cabin                                                    Unknown Scouts at
                                                                                                                                                                         Troop Cabin


                                    Troop Cabin

                                   Copy                                                                                                 Copy

      John "Iggy" Ingram Camp Director 1937-40                                         L-R: Steve Klein, Hal Brode, Keith Hurlbut


          Headquarters Lodge                                          Inside Headquarters Lodge                                  Cars at Headquarters


                        Unknown Scouts at Camp                                                                                  Camp Slauson

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