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Camp Slauson - About  

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About Camp Slauson

  Opened: 1923
Sold: 1986

           Camp Slauson was an eighty acre parcel  located in Red Rock Canyon off Old Topanga Canyon Rd. and was one of three Camps owned outright by Crescent Bay Council (Camp Josepho and Circle B Scout Ranch being the other two). It was a favorite weekend camp within an easy drive from westside Los Angeles communities. Troops built private cabins in the Camp and many camporees and training sessions were held there. A favorite area was Fossil Ridge, where fossilized remains of ancient sea creatures were exposed and easily unearthed as souvenirs by many an excited scout.

Fossils collected at Camp Slauson by Jeff Morley in 1965.

          Because of extreme fire danger, the camp was typically only open between November and May. There is no evidence that Camp Slauson was ever used as a summer camp for long term camping.

Description from Crescent Bay Area Council Flyers 
c. Late 1950's

CAMP SLAUSON...80 acres - alt. 1170 feet

Camp Slauson is located in Old Topanga Canyon, 14 miles from Santa Monica, 3 miles from the canyon community of Topanga. Some unit cabins of long duration provide weekend camping. Sites are available for units for overnight camping. Camp is open the year 'round, especially weekends, except during high fire season.  Conservation projects can be a fine service to your camp. Check with our Camp Ranger.

Road to Camps Slauson and Josepho Map
c. Late 1950's

NOTE: San Diego Freeway (Interstate 405) only extends between Sunset Blvd. and Venice Blvd.
Council Headquarters was on Gateway Blvd. in West Los Angeles.   

Camp Slauson Topography Map
(Courtesy of Frank Glick)


Boundaries of Camp Slauson shown in blue rectangle.
Legal description of the camp boundaries taken from the original Deed of Gift:

"The Southwest One-quarter of the Southwest One-quarter of Section Two (2), and the Southeast One-quarter of the Southeast One-quarter of Section Three (3), all in Township One (1) South, Range Seventeen (17) West, San Bernadino Meridian, in the County of Los Angeles of California."

Frank Glick notes that the sections are demarcated by the red gridlines, each full section being one square mile or 640 acres.
Sections 3 and 2 are marked in the upper portion of the map. The camp was two adjoining square tracts of 40 acres each.

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