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Camp Wolverton - Merit Badge Sashes  
Trophy Sashes

          As with many Scout Councils across the country, highly decorated merit badge sashes were a Crescent Bay Council tradition going back to the 1920's. Top Scouts and aspiring top scouts took the opportunity to display all of their scouting accomplishments on merit badge sashes, the most ornate of which were also known as "trophy sashes". Besides merit badges, other badges, pins and buttons, Good Camper patches, camporee and Jamboree patches, rank insignia, marksman ranks, service stripes and community strips adorned the sash.
          Trophy sashes shown below were proudly worn by Crescent Bay scouts who, among other things, camped at Wolverton. Most sashes also display CSS stripes across the top or bottom. These Service Scout stripes were awarded for a special program used by local Councils of the greater Los Angeles County area during the 1930's and 1940's.


1940 High Sierra patch with 3 ribbons. 1941 patch and Sequoia National Park Sterling Silver Pin. Bronze, Silver, & Gold Community Service Scout bars & CSS stripe. Beaded 'Orville' segment of unknown purpose.


1940 High Sierra patch with no ribbons. 1942 Camp Josepho patch. Los Angeles Fire Dept Fire House 54 Silver Shield Pin. Bronze, & Gold Community Service Scout bars & CSS stripe. Acorn Buttons.


Patches: 1947 Region 12 World Jamboree contingent; 1944 & 1946 Camp Josepho; 1946 Wolverton; Early-Mid 1940's 14,496 Club (for summitting Mt. Whitney); Junior Marksman & Pro Marksman NRA patches

  Westwood District

Beverly Hills District
Santa Monica District
Troop 45, Westwood
1947 Emerald Bay patch,
1948 Yellow Wolverton patch,
1948 & 1949 Westwood District
Camporee patches, 1947 Regional
Camporal patch, 1949 Crescent Bay Fellowship Recruitment patch, marksman medals,
explorer post president patch,
1954 & 1956 Emerald Bay patches; 1956 Wolverton patch; 1956 Beverly Hills District camporee patch; 1954 1955 & 1956 Scout-O-Rama patches with prize award "Swiss Alps" patch & S-O-R 100% patch for 1956.

1954, 1955 & 1956 Wolverton patches;1954, 1955 & 1956 Emerald Bay patches with Good Camper Segments;  National Rifle Association felt patches; 1954, 1955 & 1956 Santa Monica District camporee patches, JLT patch; 1954 & 1956 Scout-O-Rama patches.

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