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Camp Emerald Bay - Merit Badge Sashes  
Trophy Sashes

          As with many Scout Councils across the country, highly decorated merit badge sashes were a Crescent Bay Council tradition going back to the 1920's. Top Scouts and aspiring top scouts took the opportunity to display all of their scouting accomplishements on merit badge sashes, the most ornate of which were also known as "trophy sashes". Besides merit badges, other badges, pins and buttons, Good Camper patches, camporee and Jamboree patches, rank insignia, marksman ranks, service stripes and community strips adorned the sash.
          Trophy sashes shown below were proudly worn by Crescent Bay scouts who, among other things, camped at Emerald Bay. Most sashes also display SSS or CSS stripes across the top or bottom. These Service Scout stripes were awarded for a special program used by local Councils of the greater Los Angeles County area during the 1930's and 1940's.
        Sea Scout

  Norman Duff
December 7, 1934

Norman Duff, Troop 28 Venice,
on the night of his
Eagle Scout Court of Honor.

Close -Up

Close-up of merit badge sash showing 1932, 1933 (partially hidden) & 1934 Emerald Bay Good Camper badges. Shield shaped patch was awarded to Scouts attending the 1934 Regional Camporal at Griffith Park.
Rare Sea Scout sash in Navy Blue
with SSS strip,
1928 and 1931-32 Emerald Bay
Good Camper patches and

  Allan Bryan Sash
Troop 28, Venice
1932, 1933 & 1934 Emerald Bay Good Camper patches displayed plus 1934 Regional Camporal patch, Gold, Silver & Bronze CSS
bar pins, and Troop 28 (Venice) numeral.
  Norman Duff was also from Troop 28 Venice as was Allan Bryan. Their merit badge  sashes were very similar.


   Life saving patch and buttons, 1932, 1935, 1936, & 1937 Emerald Bay Good Camper patches.
  1937 Emerald Bay
Good Camper patch, CSS Gold bar and stripe.

1937, 1938 & 1939 Emerald Bay
Good Camper patches,
Assistant Senior patrol pin and CSS stripe.


  Westwood District

  Westwood District

  Westwood District

Troop 45, Westwood

1947 Emerald Bay patch,
1948 Yellow Wolverton patch,
1948 & 1949 Westwood District
Camporee patches, 1947 Regional
Camporal patch, 1949 Crescent Bay Fellowship Recruitment patch, marksman medals, explorer post president patch,

Larry Monson Sash

1948 Yellow Emerald Bay Good Camper patch, 1943 & 1944
San Fernando Valley Camporee patches; 1948 & 1949 Westwood District Camporee patches, 1947 Regional Camporal patch and 1948 Rogue River, Oregon patch.
CSS stripe.

1951 Sawmill Westwood District
Camporee patch, 1953 Blue Emerald Bay patch on red good camper backing,
1953 49er Camporal patch & yellow 49er award button, Crescent Bay Area Council patch, 1953 Region Twelve jamboree host region patch & a non-Scout army patch.
Unknown Scout was a Cub Scout pack 414, Huntington Park, Los Angeles Council.

  Culver Palms District

Westwood District
Bordered Sash

Westwood District
      Bordered Sash


  Grenade Curran Sash
Troop 43
1950 Yellow and 1951 Blue (with red backing) Emerald Bay Good Camper patches, early 1950's KFI Jamboree patch and 1952 Area
12- A  OA patch hosted by
Tamet Lodge on Catalina Island.
Grenade started out in Scouting in the town of Palms and then moved with his family to Cedar City, Utah in the early 1950's.
Sash is bordered with green and
white felt, the colors of Troop 88.
1951 and 1953 Emerald Bay patches (with red backings); 1949, 1951 & 1952 Westwood District Camporee patches, 1953 Camporal & National Jamboree patches, Eagle patch and Medal with Silver, Gold & Bronze palms;
Explorer president rank,
(sewn upside down).


John Isaksen Sash
Troop 88
Sash bordered with white felt.
1952-1953 Yellow & Blue Emerald Bay patches, (one with red backing) & 1955 Emerald Bay patch with Good Camper strip.
1951-56 Westwood District Camporee patches; 1954 & 1955 Scout-O-Rama patch.

Beverly Hills District

Santa Monica District
Westwood District

1954 & 1956 Emerald Bay patches; 1956 Wolverton patch; 1956 Beverly Hills District camporee patch; 1954 1955 & 1956 Scout-O-Rama patches with prize award "Swiss Alps" patch & S-O-R 100% patch for 1956.
1954, 1955 & 1956 Emerald Bay patches
with Good Camper Segments;
1954, 1955 & 1956 Wolverton patches; National Rifle Association felt patches;
1954, 1955 & 1956 Santa Monica District camporee patches, JLT patch; 1954 & 1956 Scout-O-Rama patches.
1960 & 1961 Emerald Bay patches with Good Camper Segments; 1960-62 Westwood District camporee patches and 1960 Jubilee camporee patch.

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