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Scout-O-Rama - Videos  
Full Color    With Sound    Run time: 12:16 minutes
Produced by: Douglas Aircraft Company;   Photography: Unknown;   Narrator: Clete Roberts
          This film, recently discovered in 2013, was made by Douglas Aircraft Company president and Crescent Bay Council president Donald Douglas Jr as a promotional film espousing the virtues of Scouting and Scout-O-Ramas. The movie, while exclusively using
film footage of Crescent Bay Council scouts, executives, events, camps and Scout-O Rama, appears to have been crafted more generically, perhaps to be marketed to other Councils across the country.
          The film starts with an unusual and somewhat awkward narration by Clete Roberts, a well known news journalist and local
Los Angeles TV newscaster who had started out as a war correspondent during World War II and Korea. He begins with a monologue about the virtues of Scouting and then interviews some Crescent Bay Scouts. Robert's tone and interview style seem more suited as
an overly serious war correspondence news reel than it does someone talking about the fun of being a Boy Scout. Along with a script that is stiff and often off the mark, the film probably fell flat when it came to its intended purpose of promotion.
          None-the-less, there is good footage of the 1955 Crescent Bay Council Scout-O-Rama and planning for the 1956 Scout-O-Rama. The planning meeting sequence features Donald Douglas Jr., James Whitehead and Scout Executive Schiller Colberg. Scenes of the 1955 Scout-O-Rama include setting up booths, different displays and the general layout around Corsair field. There are also scenes at Camp Josepho at the beginning and the end of film.

Viewing Tips:  Begin-click the arrow in the center or lower left. Pause-click the two bars in the lower left.
Blow Up Full Screen: Click four arrows in lower right corner. Return to small screen: tap ESCAPE key in upper left of your key board.

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