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Scout-O-Rama - Photos  

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All images are original prints unless otherwise noted.



The first Crescent Bay Council Scout-O-Rama began modestly as seen in this very small and simple stage for the show(s).   Scouts watch a "Spaceman" at the microphone who has emerged from a retro-fitted Jeep
while members of the Scout Band look on from the left of the stage.


The "Spaceman" looks up towards the sky as all of the scouts look with him.

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Scout-O-Rama Staff, Officials and V.I.P.'s

With the arrival of Schiller Colberg as Scout  Executive, the 1955 Scout-O-Ramas
took a major leap forward as extravaganzas featuring celebrities. movie stars and sports personalities.
 The Council took advantage of the local movie studios, building a large stage  that included Hollywood movie backdrops.
L-R: Hugo Olson, 8th (hands in pockets); Earl Grabhorn 11th (hands folded in front); Bill Kenny 12th; C.D. Miller 15th.
 Schiller Colberg can be seen at the very right. Manny Goldberg is 4th from the right.
At Microphone: Proctor Weir; Donald Douglas Jr.

1955 Aerial View
Corsair Field, Santa Monica

The stage can be seen in the center. Booths were located on the grass all around the inside of the track
while attendees walked and congregated all around. In all, there was a quarter mile of Scout display booths.

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1955 Shows
V. I. P.'s

Frank "Pop" Pudney and Proctor Weir look on as Scout-O-Rama chairman, Donald Douglas Jr., accepts
a wooden pack frame, one of hundreds constructed by "Pop", during the 1940's and 50's. "Pop" can be seen
speaking through a special machine made for him to amplify his voice after throat surgery.
Many Goldberg can be seen in the background just to right of Donald Douglas.

1955 Staff and Volunteers

Kneeling: Earl Grabhorn holding first Scout-o-Rama collage photo.
Front Row Standing L-R: Reginald Cochrane 2nd; Harold Locke 3rd; James Whitehead 5th;
Donald Douglas Jr. 7th; Bill Kenney 9th; C.D. Miller 10th.
Back Row L-R: Paul Weiss Sr. 1st; Proctor Weir 2nd; Stan Morse 4th.

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Volunteer Staff Group

2nd Row kneeling L-R: Paul Doose Jr.; Milt Inouye, 4th from left; Hugo Olson directly behind Milt.


Staff Members

L-R: C.D Miller; unknown; Earl Grabhorn

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Hugo Olson addressing the Scout Band

Pierce Weir is third from left, Paul Weiss Sr. is seventh from left with hands behind back.


Scout-O-Rama Parade
        Camp Emerald Bay Exhibit

Cubs and Scouts parade past the Hiking Exhibit. The scout near the American flag in the red jacket is Frank Glick. Scouter in front of Hiking map wearing blue staff jacket is believed to be J. Michael Devit.
(image courtesy of Frank Glick)

War canoe rides were available in a pool at the
Camp Emerald Bay booth.
(image courtesy of Frank Glick)



Celebrity Box

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