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Scout-O-Rama -Beverly Hills-Westwood District  

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          In 1945, Crescent Bay Council launched a new event called Scout-O-Rama. Unlike camporees, camp-o-rals and summer camps, the Scout-O-Rama was an  opportunity for non-scouts and the community-at-large to find out what Scouting was all about. From the Council's perspective, Scout-O-Rama was the perfect way to increase exposure, raise money and grow the local scouting program. Adult leaders were able to solicit sponsorships from local merchants while cubs and scouts sold Scout-O-Rama tickets. The proceeds went to fund the Crescent Bay operating budget with a portion going back to the local pack, troop, post and ship.
          Scout-O-Rama started out as a District event and excepting for the Venice District S-O-R, was taken over by the Council in 1954.
    Beverly Hills and Westwood Districts combined to hold their first Scout-O-Rama in 1945. A few years later, the Districts held separate Scout-O-Ramas.

1946 Ticket
Beverly Hills - Westwood Scout-O-Rama

Beverly Hills High School Gym

1946 Program
Second Annual Beverly Hills-Westwood Scout-O-Rama
February, 9-10

The Scout-O-Rama, p.3

Typical Program Pages
p. 44-45


The 1946 Beverly Hills-Westwood Scout-O-Rama program is filled with over fifty pages of advertisements
 from local merchants. Each page shows a troop, the scoutmaster and chairman of the troop, and
the troop's merit badge exhibit assignment.

1946 Window Display Assignments
p. 58-Inside back cover


Sometime in the mid 1940's, the Beverly Hills B'Nai B'Brith began sponsoring a window display program
throughout Crescent Bay Council. The program encouraged packs, troops and posts to create window displays
in local businesses and merchant shops during Boy Scout anniversary week every February.

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Dr. Paul Millman remembers selling tickets to the 1951, 52 & 53 Westwood District Scout-O-Ramas held at the Rancho Park Recreation Center on Motor Ave. Crescent Bay Council took over Scout-O-Rama in 1954.

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