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Crescent Bay Area Council Newsletters         

          The date of the first Crescent Bay Council Round-Up and who thought up the idea are unknown. The earliest example of a Round-Up newsletter is dated September 1953 and it appears that Round-Up newsletters were published sporadically over the next two years. A high quality edition labeled Volume 1, Number1, was released in October, 1955, and the newsletter remained in that format, typically four pages and published eleven times per year, for the next twenty years,  through the merger with the San Fernando Valley Council and into the Great Western Council.
          The newsletter served many purposes. It highlighted new programs, gave credit to scouts and scouters for their achievements, outlined the calendar of activities for the Council and the Districts, listed new troops and posts and much more. Essentially, the Round-Ups were the best marketing tool the Council had for adult Scouters and the community. Today, they  serve as a detailed chronicle of what happened in Crescent Bay Scouting between 1953 and 1972.

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Note Paper
     June 1955
First Newsletter
September 1955


Art Schlumbom passing - S-O-R - Installation Dinner Dance - Summer Camp Sessions


New Round-Up format - Summer Camps recap - Train the Trainers - Regional Meeting - Scout Day - Cubbers Pow Wow

October 1955
Vol. 1 No.1

November 1955
Vol 1. No. 2

December 1955
Vol. 1 No.3

Ted Elkin, Westwood DE - Commissioners 4 star award  - Tamet Dinner  - OA elections - Wally Epson, EB Ranger

Actor Glen Ford - Robert Bell, Finance Chair - Remy Hudson, membership chair, 5th Eagle dinner set -1st Train the Trainers - Sea Explorers visit San Diego - Council Scout Band - Den Mothers at May Co. Workshop -

Bruce Beasley, top Eagle Scout - Den Mothers at May Co. - Clothing Collection - Explorer Ball - Eagle Dinner recap - Commissioners award - Malibu Ranch - New Trainer Patch

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