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Polaris - Slides & 3D    

Polaris Neckerchief Slides

The Polaris neckerchief slide was awarded to Torch trained Polaris Staff members along with their white neckerchief.
It is not clear if the slides first developed as Adult staff items in the 1960's
Slides were painted on cast metal and often adorned with the staff members' name.

 Late 1960's-Early 1970's
Very Dark Green

Mid 1970's

Mid 1970's

Straight sides. Painted very dark green with white star. Believed to be first type
of Polaris slide belonging to Ward Orvis, Council Training Chairman during formation of the Polaris program.

Tapered sides.
Painted black. No paint on the star.
Belonging to Jeff Hohensee.

Straight sides.
Painted green with white star
and letters.


Polaris Name Tags

Polaris Two Star

 Mid 1970's

(Courtesy of Frank Glick)

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