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Program Books
First Polaris Two-Star Program (Polaris Instructor Training)
Camp Wolverton
August 22-23, 1965

Logbook Cover
First Polaris Instructor Training Staff
pg. 1


(Image courtesy of Larry Solow,
original Polaris Two Star trainee)

There were three original training troops, each broken into patrols. Troop and Patrol Leaders were Crescent Bay top Scouts trained at the first Polaris Three-Star Training earlier in the summer at
Shaver Lake Camp.

Introduction p.3
Explanation of First Polaris Two-Star
Table of Contents


Polaris was originally billed as a special
Junior Leader Training (JLT)

First Polaris One-Star Program (District Training Conference)
Camp Josepho
September 25-26, 1965

Program Cover

Used by Jeff Morley September 25-26, 1965
Troop 116, Culver Palms District. Raccoon Patrol

           In order to complete the training and receive the award (Key), participants needed to:                  
          Take notes in the manual, attend and fully participate in the District Junior Leader Training Conference, Qualify for seven out of nineteen Scoutcraft skills and requirements, and know and participate in eight Troop operation functions. Subjects included in the training:
  • note taking
  • axemanship
  • firemaking and fireplaces
  • patrol cooking
  • pioneering housekeeping
  • prepare an outpost camp
  • signaling
  • wilderness travel-how to hike
  • natural materials for survival in the wilderness
  • realistic first aid
  • survival cooking
  • campfire planning
  • Scout church service
  • successful Patrol operation
  • Scout spirit and participation
  • Map reading and compass
  • Morse code
  • backpacking
  • rope work
  • star study
  • stalking



  Brown & Red on White

Issued to Earl Grabhorn October 8, 1967
Signatures: Schiller Colberg, Clell Piper,
Stan Morse, Frank Knowlton


Issued to Frank Glick, August 23-30, 1970. Camp Wolverton.
Signature:?, Polaris Scoutmaster


  National Issue JLT

  Green and Red on White
  With Crescent Bay Area Council

Issued to Paul Doose Sr. September 4, 1971
Signature: Lyle Durbin, Council Coordinator

Issued to Frank Glick, November 13, 1971. Camp Josepho.
Signature: R. P. Ferren, Polaris Scoutmaster

  Green and Red on White
  no council name


Issued to Frank Glick, June 18-26, 1972
Ahwahnee Scout Reservation
Signature: Lyle Durbin, Polaris Scoutmaster

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Polaris Two Star Sign-Up Card

Used by Scout Masters to enroll troop members


Polaris Two Star Nomination Letter

                        Polaris Two Star was billed as a Council operated Junior Leader Training Camp, eight days long, held at Camp Wolverton. The purpose of the training program was to provide training for the most mature and outstanding member of a troop in:
  • Development of leadership and initiative.
  • The methods of teaching scout craft skills-primarily second class and first class.
  • How the patrol method operates.
           Each troop was reserved one slot in the program.The requirements were:
  • Be a registered Boy Scout, 12 years old and preferably 13 years old.
  • First Class rank or higher.
  • Be a senior patrol leader or patrol leader
  • Have earned Polaris One Star or Equivalent.
Total cost for transportation, food and eight day program was $43.00.The were a total of 86 available openings for the Two Star training camp.

Polaris Three Star Note Pad

(image courtesy of Tom Gould)

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