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Letter Envelopes

Printed standard sized letter envelopes in Crescent Bay Council go back to the mid 1920's and probably date to the
beginning of the Council in 1922. New envelopes were printed regularly, particularly when Scout headquarters moved locations..
NOTE: Crescent Bay Council stationary prior to 1960 is uncommon and the envelopes are even rarer. While many people saved
letters & correspondence, most usually discarded the envelopes that letters came in.

Crescent Bay Council
1338 Fourth Street, Santa Monica

This envelope addressed to BSA National Headquarters in New York City and sent Via Air Mail and Registered
is the earliest Crescent Bay Council envelope known. One can only wonder what was so valuable about the contents
to warrant Air Mail & Registered mail?

December 1929
Hand Stamped-Transition
No Street Address, Santa Monica

Crescent Bay Stamp
Mid-Late 1920's
1338 Fourth St.

Return address stamp used
by Council during late 1920's shows
 1338 Fourth St. address line.
Street address line was likely removed from stamp during Headquarters move

Hand stamped return address with street address line missing.
Crescent Bay Council was granted approval by the Santa Monica City Council to move their headquarters into the basement of the Miles Memorial Hall on September 25, 1929.
F.R. Hill announced on December 23, 1929, that following construction and moving from
1338 Fourth St., the new headquarters was open. At best, this extremely rare envelope
 was used for a couple of weeks during the transition and before new envelops were printed.

from Fourth St. to Lincoln Blvd.
(This stamp imprint was found on the back of a 1928 Camp Emerald Bay photo.)

(1130 Lincoln Blvd., Santa Monica)


Damage obliterates return address presumed to be 1947 (by post mark) headquarters location at 1130 Lincoln Blvd., Santa Monica.

1949-Mid 1950's
11632 Gateway Blvd., Los Angeles 64

Crescent Bay Stamp
1949-Mid 1950's
11632 Gateway Blvd.

Headquarters moved to Gateway Blvd in West Los Angeles in 1949
after a brief temporary location at Culver City Hall.

11632 Gateway Blvd., Los Angeles 64

RED behind FDL. RED & BLACK address envelope was used with similarly redesigned letter stationary.
3 cent letter postage ended on July 31, 1958.

11632 Gateway Blvd., Los Angeles 64
All RED Return Address

All RED address and FDL. 4 cent letter postage started on August 1, 1958

11632 Gateway Blvd., Los Angeles 64
BLACK & RED Return Address
Postage Paid

Around 1960, the U.S. Post Office allowed permits for Postage Paid stamps printed directly on envelopes.
This envelope matches the 1960-61

11350 Palms Blvd., Los Angeles 66

Newly designed stationary envelope with a brown FDL came with another headquarters' move
to the Palms Service Center. The Los Angeles 66 version was only used in 1962

11350 Palms Blvd., Los Angeles 90066

5 digit ZIP codes began in 1963. Prior to that time, 2 digit Postal zones were used.

Envelopes used between 1963-72 were reprinted many times, creating varieties along the way.

San Serif Font - Light Brown

San Serif Font - Brown


Small Note Envelopes

Small envelopes were used for note-size stationary. They typically followed the same designs as the larger letter envelopes.
Small note stationary dates back to the early 1950's and my have started earlier.

11632 Gateway Blvd., Los Angeles 64
BLACK & RED Return Address

11632 Gateway Blvd., Los Angeles 64
OVERSTRUCK 11350 Palms Blvd., Los Angeles 66

When Headquarters moved again in 1961 to 11350 Palms Blvd.,
excess envelopes were overprinted with the new address.

11350 Palms Blvd., Los Angeles 66

11350 Palms Blvd., Los Angeles 90066

  2 digit Postal Zones began in 1943 and were replaced in 1963.
1962 was the only year the '66' postal zone was used.        

5 digit ZIP codes began in 1963.

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