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Tamet Lodge - Tom-Tom Newsletters 1943-58 

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About the Tom-Tom

          The Order of the Arrow in Crescent Bay Council was barely a year old when Tamet Lodge introduced a newsletter in October, 1943, ten years before the Council introduced its own newsletter called The Round-Up.  Earlier that year, at least two different mimeographed letters were sent to Tamet members discussing upcoming Lodge dinners. Following the1943 Camp Josepho summer camping season, a "new project"was born called the Tom-Tom. Originally scheduled for publication six times per year, the Tom-Toms were mimeographed on professionally printed stationary at a cost of 25 cents per member per year. Don Adams served as first editor. The Tom-Tom was very well received, including special mention at the inaugural Section U Fellowship Conference organized by Canalino Lodge No. 90 of Santa Barbara, in 1945.

          For the next three decades,  the Tom-Tom
informed Arrowmen of Tamet Lodge about summer          1945 Area U, Section A Program Book. pg 6.
camp, events, accomplishments, costuming, elections,
and editorials. During that time, the newsletter took different forms, sometimes mimeographed, dittoed and professionally printed. But whatever form it took,  the Tamet Lodge Tom-Tom was the year-round connection familiar to every Arrowman in Crescent Bay. Today, the Tom-Toms serve to chronicle the detailed history of Tamet Lodge.

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The Crescent Bay Council Historical Project maintains an archive and hopes
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1940's Tom-Toms  
October 28, 1943
Volume 1, Number 1

Page 1
  Page 2


1943 Summer camping season over; dues increase and renewal for 1942 members; winter Josepho staff appointments; 1943 reunion banquet November 21; Camp Josepho chapel dedication.
         Articles: Memories of the 1943 summer camping season;
Alden Barber, Jack Davies, John Ehrlichman & Dick Rice off to military service; call for Camp Josepho winter staff; innagural issue of Tom-Tom; Chief's pow-wow.

December 10, 1943
Volume 1, Number 2

Page 1
  Page 2


           Articles: Tamet presentation at Crescent Bay Annual Dinner. "Twelve post cards from camp" by Martin Weinstein;
Arrow Banquet recap-Cabrillo Hotel, L.A.;
 Camp Josepho motion pictures by Ronald Kaplan & Al Tilley;
Fifty members still had not paid dues.
Articles: Tamet Arrowmen in military service including know assignments; Winter Camp Josepho staff positions are filled. Chief's pow-wow-serve the scouts, not yourself;
Universal Arrow pins on red/white ribbons have arrived.

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 September 6, 1947
Volume V, Number 7

      Articles: Page 1: Recap of May 16, Annual Dinner at Truman's restaurant. Election of 1947-48 Lodge and Chapter officers. New arrowmen called out at Josepho, Emerald Bay & Wolverton.
        Page 2: Induction Ceremony Dinner Meeting at Josepho, September 20. Dues of $1.00 due. Committees. Cal Wheelock returns from Philmont; Forbes Shoenfeld transfers out of Lodge;Jack Davies returns to Stanford.

1950's Tom-Toms  

January 30, 1950
  September, 1950
Page 1: Arrow Banquet at Josepho, February 18, 1950; Calling Out Ceremony at Josepho February 17, 195. Joe Bishop leads custom making classes. Rough cut arrow slides available through Loren Tarvin.
        Page 2: Sixth annual Fellowship Conference (12 A) March 24-26 at Camp Emerson, Tahquitz Lodge host. Cost: $6.00.
Page 1: Arrow Banquet and Call Out at Josepho, September 29-30, 1950. New system of Life Membership available for Wisemen. Committee members named. Chapter meetings to be held at banquet. Arrowmen called out at summer camp- 12 at Wolverton (1 from Siwinis Lodge); 32 at Emerald Bay (11 from Siwinis Lodge, 2 from Walika Lodge); one call out on the train returning from the 1950 Jamboree & one at an off-Council camp. Edward Schaefer marriage announcement. Arrowmen in the armed forces (Korean War conflict) to report new address to secretary.

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January 31, 1953
  April 25, 1953

        This one page Tom-Tom was devoted exclusively on where to get idea, materials catalogs and references on Indian costuming. It documents a shift in Tamet Lodge priorities towards improvement and growth of the Lodge ritual team.
        Articles: Page 1: Lodge & Chapter officers,committee chairmen.
        Page 2: Recap of Area 12 A Conference held at Balboa Park, San Diego, April 10-12, 1953. Chapter News.Recap of Council 49'er Camporal held at Reseda Park, April 18-19, 1953. 60 new Arrowmen were elected.
        Page 3: Results of last Governing Board meeting. Tom-Tom no longer sent to members with lapsed dues. Plans for every chapter to have a ritual team. Eligibility for election into Tamet Lodge changed from 10 nights of camping to 15 nights of camping. Coming events to include a Lodge call out May 22-23 & Lodge banquet and final ordeal June 12, both at Camp Josepho.

          In May, 1954, a new masthead design showed Tamet Lodge in Ol' English type with two scrolls on either side. This design was inspired by the stage of the Lodge building at Camp Josepho which had Tamet lodge written across the top and was flanked on either side by the scrolls. It is not known when these decorations first adorned the stage in the Lodge. Today, Tamet Lodge has been replaced by Malibu Lodge above the stage.
 January 15, 1954
  May 29, 1954
Page 1: Final Ordeal, Banquet & elections at Josepho,February 13, 1954. Members to bring costumes. Area 12 A conference hosted by Spe-Le-Yai Lodge at Camp Medicine Flats, April 23-25. National OA Conference to be in Laramie, WY, August 26-29. Chapter News, Mostly centered around ritual and costume activities. Paul Jordan new Tom-Tom editor.
        Page 2: reprint of the January 31, 1953 Tom-Tom.

Page 1: Crescent Bay Council loses to key Scouters. Robert Miller, Scout Executive since early 1951, left professional Scouting to go into private business. Dick Rice, Tamet charter member, 3rd Lodge Chief and Lodge professional adviser,moved to San Gabriel Valley Council. Spring Banquet at Josepho announced for June 11. Howard Harrison to be in charge of OA at Emerald Bay. Doug Parsons to to be in charge of OA at Wolverton.
        Page 2: Recap of 1954 Area12-A conference. Chapter news: Beverly Hills hold pow-wow. Westwood works on Schwinn Trail from Josepho to Slauson. Wilshire holds elections at Wilderness camp. Venice puts on a cub ceremony. More costume resources.

       Page 3
: Editorial-service to others. Bill Kenny becomes new lodge adviser. Board meeting June 3. Committee chairmen announced.

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          In May, 1954, the new Tom-Tom editor, Paul Jordan created a format that was professionally printed. The new masthead design showed Tamet Lodge in Ol' English type with two scrolls on either side. This design was inspired by the stage of the Lodge building at Camp Josepho which had Tamet lodge written across the top and was flanked on either side by the scrolls. It is not known when these decorations first adorned the stage in the Lodge. Today, Tamet Lodge has been replaced by Malibu Lodge above the stage.

September, 1954
  February, 1955

Page 1: Los Angeles Examiner runs article on purpose of Order of the Arrow. Arrow banquet at Josepho, September 25, 1954. 56 new arrow candidates from summer camp.
        Page 2: New printed format of Tom-Tom explained. Cost is 7 cents per copy.
        Page 3: Council summer camps. Emerald Bay hosts 1,070 scouts. Wolverton recap & list of staff.
        Page 4: Wilshire Chapter constructing a backdrop for district Courts of Honor.

Page 1: Year of Tamet Lodge achievements highlighted. Message from the Lodge Chief: Worthy to wear the Arrow.
        Page 2: Editorial-new Lodge By-laws. Chapter News-Beverly Hills shifts from a ritual team to cheerful service; changes name to "Sioux" becoming first Tamet chapter to have an Indian name; sponsors a "pow wow" and gave a leather badge to all participants. Westwood makes improvements to ritual team; has 7 chief head-dresses, 1 single trailer, 9 roaches & a chief's double trailer.Culver Palms went from 12 to 45 active members, expanding ritual team. Sunset & Wilshire chapters merged into Santa Monica Bay chapter.
        Page 3: Treasurer's message-inactive members will no longer receive mailings. Lodge Election Banquet at Josepho, February 12,1954.
        Page 4: Council welcomes new executives-Schiller Colberg, Many Goldberg, Bill Kenney & Hugo Olsen. Lodge gets new new by-laws, first Lodge flap designed by Jack Halloran, attends Area 12 A Conference & National Conference.

 September, 1955
   March, 1957

Page 1: Fall Banquet & final ordeal at Josepho, September 24,1955. Area 12-E Chief Doug Hart to attend. Editorial-factions block doing clean-up work at Camps Josepho & Slauson. Dues increase to $2.00 for first year members.
        Page 2: Chief's column-pep talk on spirit & setting the right example. Summer Camp-108 new Tamet members elected, 82 at Emerald Bay & 26 at Wolverton.Happy Birthday to "Pop" Pudney, age 79. Costume supplies available though "White Hawk", run by Win Fairchild.
(image courtesy of Ken Chotiner).
Page 1: Election Banquet at Josepho, March 2,1957. Outgoing message from Chief Doug Parsons.
        Page 2: Bios on nominees for Lodge offices. Editorial-privilege of voting.
        Page 3: Chapter Happenings. Culver Palms boosted 100 members; suggested creating two ritual teams of 30 members each. Venice-ritual team conducted 35 ceremonies with 10 more scheduled. Westwood staffed the Wilderness camp and put on 21 ceremonies for cubs. Gail Williams Benefit recap- over $3,000 raised; 2,000 in attendance; Iron Eyes Cody participated.
        Page 4: Area 12 E Conference, March 15-17, 1957, at Firestone Scout Reservation.

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