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Tamet Lodge Ritual Team - Documents  

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Lodge Advisor's Notes
    Late 1940's
"The Legend of the Arrow"
       These notes were written by Proctor Weir, Tamet Lodge Lay Advisor. They outline ideas to expand the Tamet Lodge Ritual Team by purchasing Indian regalia through the Lodge. In addition to questioning how to inspire election of more Arrowmen, they also raise questions about OA ceremonies including a Vigil Honor ceremony that, up to the time, had never happened in Tamet Lodge.
        This script, perhaps the earliest Tamet Lodge written ceremony, describes a detailed presentation by the Lodge Ritual Team. The Legend of the Arrow was the original ceremony performed when new candidates completed their final ordeal and were accepted as members of Tamet Lodge. Detailed choreography, lighting and dialog are outlined in the script that involves a narrator, Medicine Man, Chingachook, Uncas, Blackhawk, three unnamed Indians & two strangers.

Lodge Chief's Report

          The report from outgoing Tamet Lodge Chief, Jack Halloran, was focused primarily on the activities and expansion of the Lodge Ritual Team. In the first seven years of Tamet Lodge, the priority of Arrow activities were in staffing and running camps Josepho and then Emerald Bay & Wolverton. In 1950, a shift occurred to emphasize expansion of the Lodge Ritual Team.

The report shows ceremonies given and the number Arrowmen with costumes during 1950-51
and ambitiously proposes to double the numbers during 1951-52.

Tamet Lodge Ceremonies and Rituals

           This twelve page booklet is the earliest known writting by Tamet lodge for its own rituals & ceremonies.The title page indicates it
            is a collection of ceremonies collected since the beginning of the Lodge in 1941 (incorrect date).
           Credits: George Bergstrom; Dick Rice; Jack Davies; Bill McKee; Loren Tarvin; Bill Douglas; Cal Wheelock; Bob Hunt,
                           Jack Bloch; Eric Hughs; Jack Halloran.
           Ceremonies: Challenge to the New Arrowman; Akela Cub Scout Induction Ceremony; Cub Graduation Ceremony; Variation of
                           Dance for Cub Ceremony (written by George Bergstom); Challenge ot Troops camping at off-council camps (written
                           by Jack Davies in 1949); Eagle Dance for Eagle Court of Honor;

Tom-Tom Article
January, 1953 p.1

The January issue of the Tom-Tom was devoted to listing places to by costume parts and Indan gear.

1953 Postcards

Tamet Lodge events, banquets & meetings were announced by post card
     Lodge Banquet
  Costume Meeting

During the early 1950's, candidates of Tamet Lodge were required to be in costume when they took their final Ordeal at the September Banquet held at Camp Josepho. 

Tom-Tom Article
February, 1955 Chapter News, p.2

Tamet Lodge Calling-out Ceremony
Script & Diagram

     Tom-Tom Article
February, 1967, p.1
   Tom-Tom Article
December, 1968, p.8
            By 1967, the Tamet Lodge Ritual Team was on the verge of extinction although many of the Chapter Ritual Teams were still functioning well.

         Through the Tom-Tom, Tamet Lodge was able to promote information on basic costume building. Similar to the early 1950's, the more Arrowmen with costumes, the stronger the Ritual Team. 

    Tom-Tom Article
February, 1970, p.2
  Tom-Tom Article
March, 1970, p.3

Tom-Tom Article
February, 1971 Tokala, p.7

The Tamet Tokalas, which began in 1966, highlighted Indian costuming, ritual and lore. 

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