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Tamet Lodge - Tom-Tom Newsletters 1968-72  

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1968-69 Tom-Toms
August, 1968
  September, 1968
Page 1: Promo for September election banquet and ordeal. Changes in the ordeal ceremony.
        Page 2: Change Lodge policy from 3 banquets to 2 annually. Article on Russian Scouting.
        Page 3: Adventures of Joe Scout.
        Page 4: "Ritual Hows" by Bill Allison
  Articles: Page 1: Promo for September election banquet at Josepho, September 21, 1968. Editorial-run for office.
        Page 2: List of officers.
        Page 3: Notice to pay dues


  October, 1968
  November-December, 1968


Page 1: September Banquet recap & election results. Lodge votes to change long-standing by-law requirement of three banquets per year to two.
        Page 2: Editorial by Bill Allison-new ordeal requirements. Letter to the editor lamenting lack of opportunities to get involved.
        Page 3: Camping news, plan to revive Tamet OA camping awards.Chapter Chatter.
        Page 4: Another editorial on lodge communications. Dues are due. Personal items were left at the banquet
        Page 5: Chapter Chatter cont. Lodge Chief speaks
        Page 6: The Adventures of Joe Scout
        Page 7: Ritual How-To's talking about evolution of Okie vs Old-Time dancing & costuming.

Page 1: October 25th Installation Banquet recap. at Scout Service Center. Corinne Johnson inducted as first female member of Tamet Lodge.
        Page 2: Installation Banquet cont. Female member cont.
        Page 3: Advisor's corner. Chapter Chatter.
        Page 4: Chapter Chatter cont. Mohawk Chapter has first chapter newsletter, the Injun.
        Page 5: List of Tamet officers & Advisors. Opinion article by Frank Sanford, rebuttal by Jeff Cohen.
        Page 6: Acorn Festival promo.
        Page 7: Editorial by Bill Allison, Lodge participation. Minutes of December 11 Chief's Council meeting.
        Page 8: Instructions for making leggings & breechcloths.
        Page 9: Article by member Bruce Deal of Santa Monica Chapter. Ad for SunHawk ritual supplies. Lodges of Area12-E.
        Page 10: Area 12-E cont. 1969 12-E conference tobe heldat Matillija Junior High School in Ojai. Lodge-wide announcements.
        Page 11: Bruce Deal article on decline of Santa Monica Chapter cont. Adventures of Joe Scout.
        Page 12: Joe Scout cont. 

      January-February, 1969
  April, 1969



        In a likely reaction to overly verbose previous Tom-Toms, a one page newsletter called Order of the Arrow News was issued by the Tamet Lodge.

Articles: Page 1: Father & Son banquet May 10, 1969 at Josepho. 1969 Tokala to be held March 22, 1969 at the Scout service center. A free patch was promoted (but never made) for those entering the competition. Recap of Acorn Festival rain-out.
        Page 2: Acorn Festival recap cont. Reference made to a previous Tamet Acorn Festival in 1961 (there is no record of such an event). Letters to the editor. Chapter Chatter.
        Page 3: Promotion for May banquet and "3rd annual Tokala".
        Page 4: Promotion for Tokala. Comics.
        Page 5: Chapter Chatter cont. Editorial.
        Page 6: Adviser Corner. Lodge calendar & announcements.
        Page 7: Editorial by Jeff Cohen vice chief. Brotherhood honor rules. Ritual "hows"-making a wig.
        Page 8: Saga of Joe Scout.
        Page 9: Joe Scout (cont.) More ritual "hows" preparing feathers. Chapter Ritual Chiefs.

  Articles: Page 1: Area Xi-E conference April 11-13, 1969 in Ojai. Tamet to host 1970 Area Conference. Father & Son Banquet May 10, 1969 at Josepho. Hold Arrow elections in your unit. Help needed at OA exhibits at Scout-O-Rama, June 7-8, 1969.


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  September, 1969
(Number 1)

  September, 1969
(Number 2)

Articles: Page 1: Promo for September Election Banquet. USC Coach to speak. Frank Sanford gives National OA Conference Report.

Articles: Page 1: September election banquet at Camp Josepho, September 20, 1969. Candidate bios.
        Page 2:
Chapter meeting notices. Message from Lodge secretary, Jay Kandellin.

  Page 2: Chief's Message. Officer candidate bios.
Page 3
Officer candidate bios cont.


    October, 1969 
  December, 1969
Page 1: New officers announced. Tamet to host 1970 12-E Conference. Welcome to new members. Lodge campout scheduled for January 9-11, 1970 at Camp Josepho.
        Page 2: New Chapter Chiefs. Editor's note. Dues are due. Trading post items.Make-up ordeal at Camp Josepho December 13-14. Chapter Meetings. Brotherhood Ceremony at March 7, 1970, banquet. Advisor's message.

Page 1:
Message from Schiller Colberg. Eight Tamet members attend Siwinis Lodge 252 banquet to proote 12-E Conference. Area Conference April 3-5, 1970 promo. Ritual team to hold meeting. Experienced uniforms wanted at Scout Service Center.
        Page 2:
Chapter News. Lodge camp-out January 9-11 canceled. Lodge to make "Where to Go Camping" book to qualify for National Standard Lodge. Dues are Due. Message from Guy Sanford-Service Committee. Application for TomT-om staff from editor Jeff Morley.

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1970-72 Tom-Toms  
    January, 1970
  March, 1970
Page 1: Area 12-E at pt. Mugu, Pacific Missile Range, 'April 3-5, 1970. Editor's message-Jerry Sinclair. Chapter News. Brotherhood honor available at March 7,1970 Banquet & Tokala.
        Page 2: Snow skiing. Making a breech cloth. Record review-Led Zeppelin II, Creedence Clearwater Revival.

      Articles: Page 1: March 7,Tokala & Banquet promo.Camping Promotion activities. Area 12-E Conference April 3-5, 1970, promo.
        Page 2: Chapter News. Dakota Chapter announces new patch & jacket. Iroquois Chapter patches available for $1.50.
        Page 3: Editorial-Jerry Sinclair. Ritual Chief corner-Dave Dutra.
        Page 4: Order of the Arrow song.

                            May, 1970
Page 1: Santa Monica Chapter sponsors OA trip to Camp Wolverton, August 29-September 5, 1970; cost $39.
Bob Brownstein replaces Jeff Cohen (who leaves to attend UC San Diego) as Lodge Chief. Tamet to host Indian Village at Scout-O-Rama. Call for Junior Rangers (weekend staff) at Camps Slauson & Josepho. Time for unit elections.
        Page 2: Chapter Chatter. Beverly Hills Chapter selling patch for $1.00. Culver Palms raising money for a patch. Call for summer camp. May Calendar.
        Page 3: New Vigils elected at March banquet. New borders for multicolored flap patch announced. Jay Kendelin awarded first blue border flap. Area 12-E conference report.
        Page 4: Re-dedication to the pupose of OA by Bruce Heiman-Troop 90, Dakota Chapter..

      November-December, 1970
January, 1971

Articles: Page 1: Election Results from September 1970 banquet.
Chuck Crovitz, Lyle Durbin & Glenn Gordon awarded blue bordered Tamet flap. Promo for Tamet Tokala March 6, 1971. Promo for National OA Conference, August 24-28, U of Illinois. Promo for ritual team. Promo for summer camp staff.


            Page 2: Chapter officers and committee chairs. Calendar of events.

  Articles: Page 1: Tamet Tokala & Banquet scheduled at Camp Josepho, March 6, 1971. Tokala to have patch with 3 different colored borders for winners of events  (this did not actually happen). Promotions for Camps Emerald Bay and Wolverton.
        Page 2: Green Tamet is first flap patch. Chapter meetings. Lodge Service Committee scheduled to meet January 13, 1971. National OA Conference promo.

             February, 1971
                June, 1971
Page 1: Promo for Tamet Tokala & Banquet, March 6, 1971.
       Page 2: Camp Josepho Ranger, Paul Weiss Sr. retires.
       Page 3: Message Chief Guy Sanford.
       Page 4-5: Chapter News.
       Page 6-7: Ritual events scheduled for Tokala. Winners will receive a special patch or the "Black Eagle Feather".
       Page 8: Know your  patches, Red Tamet. Camp Promotion Eagle project suggested.
       Page 9: Message from National Chief Thomas Fielder.
        Page 10: First Episode of Andy Arrowman cartoon strip
        Page 11: National OA Conference sign-up. Tokala events & football game cont.
        Page 12: Editorial

Page 1: Chief's message. Recap of Lodge service project at Camp Josepho, May 22, 1971.
        Page 2: Chapter meetings. Editorial-Service.
        Page 3: Andy Arrowman cartoon strip.


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        October, 1971
    November, 1971


Page 1: Election banquet at Camp Josepho October 9, 1971. Amendments up for vote. Allows committee chairs to vote.
        Page 2: Amendments cont.- automatically change by-laws to be in conformance with OA handbook. Training conference at Camp Josepho, October 9,19, 1971
        Page 3: Bios of candidates for office.

    Articles: Page 1: New officers. Camp Josepho improvement project scheduled for November 27, 1971. Lodge to make improvements at Nature Lodge and proposes new archway entrance into Camp Josepho.
        Page 2: Chief's message, Where to Camp book scheduled for completion.Chapter News.
        Page 3: Post 00-Camp staff organiation skills.C
        Page 4: Andy Arrowman cartoon strip.

        January, 1972
    February, 1972
Page 1: Lodge work project at Camp Josepho, January 22, 1972. 30th Anniversary Tokala, March 3-5, 1972.
        Page 2: Chapter News. New Camp Josepho award.
        Page 3: Chief's message. Camp promotion team update.
        Page 4: Josepho award cont. Ranks-Brave, Warrior & Chief, with a patch and card awarded for each. (patches may never have been used). 25 Arrowmen attend Camp Josepho improvement project.

Page 1: 30th Anniversary Tokala at Camp Josepho, March 3-4,1972.
        Page 2: Chapter news
        Page 3: Chapter news cont. Chief's message.
        Page 4: Where to Camp book to be sent to every Scoutmaster. Camp Slauson OA staff helps with merit badges
        Page 5: Tokala program cont. Last Vigil Honor tapout 9:00 PM. New neckerchief & 30th anniversary patch on sale at Tokala trading post.
        Page 6: Walika Lodge to host 12-E Conference, April 7-9, 1972, at Birmingham High School, Encino. Recap of January 22 work party. Next work Party scheduled for February 18th, 1972 at Josepho. 

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        May, 1972
(Last Tamet Lodge Tom Tom)


Page 1: May 13, 1972, work party at Josepho. (Tamet Lodge's last event.) Plan is to finish the nature lodge.
        Page 2: Chapter news
        Page 3: Tamet qualifies for National Standard Lodge Award for first time. (because of the Lodge merger with Walika Lodge, it is believed a National Standard charter was never issued). Contest announced to pick new name,totem & flap design for new Lodge created by merger.
        Page 4: Announcing the Where to Camp book is finally done.

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Tom-Tom Artwork  
  February, 1972
Original Paste-Up
  1969 Mast Head
Original Drawing


        In the early 1970's, Tom-Toms were constructed by pasting type and art work onto a white piece of paper. This is the original paste-up for the February 1972 issue. Letters and the masthead are missing because they were cut out for the paste up of the May 1972 Tom-Tom.


Original pencil drawing for October, 1969 Tom-Tom masthead drawn by Jeff Morley.

Andy Arrowman  
Original Drawing, Late 1969

        Felt tip pen over pencil. The Andy Arrowman cartoon strip by Jeff Morley was published three times. Andy was used as the mascot for the original Cub Scout Day Camps in 1971 & 72.

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