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Tamet Lodge - Tom-Tom Newsletters 1959-67  

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1959 Tom-Toms

 February, 1959
  September, 1959

Articles: Page 1: Lodge Chief's Report. February 21, Election Banquet program at Josepho.
        Page 2: Candidates bios. Explorer periods at Camp Emerald Bay & Wolverton
        Page 3: Lodge & Chapter officer pictures. Message from Bill Kenny, Lodge pro adviser. Message from Schiller Colberg.
        Page 4: Donald Douglas Jr., Alan Herrington, Glenn Ford, Ben Marble & George Pardee formally inducted through the ordeal into Tamet Lodge.                                                                                                                        
  Articles: Page 1: Message from Lodge Chief Pete Haslund. Frank McCann new Lodge Adviser.
        Page 2: Installation Banquet at Josepho, September 12, 1959. Message from Area12-E Chief Carroll Hood Jr. Peter Haslund elected Student President of L.A. City College. Message from Pete Gordon, Deputy Chief.
        Page 3: Golden Trails Chapter report. Jack Halloran marries Kathleen Adair Connolly of Pheonix, AZ. Michael Schiff killed by falling limb at Camp Wolverton, Shalon Mintz also hurt. Message from David Way, Beverly Hills Exec.Mariners from ship Chausseuer to serve meals at Installation Banquet.
        Page 4: Marina Chapter report. Lodge & Chapter officers. Haslund lists requirements for election to OA.

Resignation Letter
August 6, 1959
Editors Report
Late 1959


Three page letter discussing details of Tom-Tom state-of-affairs ending with resignation of editor Harald Hoeffding.


Progress Report from new Tom-Tom Editor- Roger Heath

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    October, 1959

Page 1:Lodge Chief's message-Cheerful Service. Hugo Olson replaces Bill Kenny as 3rd Tamet Lodge professional adviser.
        Page 2: Message from Schiller Colberg. Message from Stan Morse, DE-Culver Palms. Beverly Hills Chapter orders patches & jackets. Will Rogers Chapter report. Plan to publish Tom-Tom monthly.
        Page 3: Installation banquet recap-Pop Pudney award presented. Message from past Chief Chuck Morgan. Message from Ritual Chief.
        Page 4: Amateur radio club being formed. Santa Monica Chapter report. projects at Camps Josepho & Slauson. Application for new Tom-Tom editor. Council forms harmonica band.

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1960-64 Tom-Toms  

February, 1960  
February, 1961


Articles: Page 1: Cover
        Page 2: Candidates for officers.

Page 1: Lodge Pow Wow announced-February 20, 1960 at Josepho. Pow-wow patches to be sold for 50 cents each. Lodge elections to be held.
                        (page one  only printed page.)

        Page 3: Message from past Lodge Chief Haslund
        Page 4-5:
Chief Pete Gordon's message.
Page 6-8: Chapter reports
        Page 9-16: Candidate bios: Bob Ardon, Denis Redman, Bob Thayer, Harry Underkofler, Paul Cohen, Art Brice, George Goffman, Marc Medoff,

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September, 1961
  April, 1962

Articles: Page 1: Reprint article from Mayi Lodge 354 "Smoke Signals". Ordeal Banquet September 16, 1961, Camp Josepho.
        Page 2: "Moccasin Moe" camping article. Editorial by Marshall Levy.
        Page 3: Chief's message. Help needed at Camps Josepho & Slauson. Let's Trade-rules for trading patches.
        Page 4: Ten new Vigils announced.
        This issue uses the name "Totem" instead of Tom-Tom.
It is not known if the name-change was a mistake or intentional. 
Articles: Page 1: Chief's column. Area 12-E Conference promo.
Council camping opportunities-Camp Josepho.
        Page 2: Chapter chatter

        January, 1964
 Articles: Page 1:"First" Tamet Training Conference held at Camp Circle X December 28-29, 1963. Santa Monica Executive  David Way passes; 1964 officers; Chief speaks.
        Page 2: "So you were elected"; Area 12-E Conference to be held April 9-10, hosted by L.A. Council; Purpose of OA; editorial-do you just belong.
        Page 3: Chapter Chatter; advisers column.
        Page 4:Letter from David Way to Tamet Lodge.

Spring, 1964
  September, 1964

Cover: Lodge officers
Articles: Page 1:Election results, Joe Beste Chief and other officers. Tamet Lodge Hymm. Paul DooseJr. elected Area 12-E chief. Work parties..

        Page 2: Chief's and other officers messages.
        Page 3: Chapter News
 Articles: Page 1:Election banquet & Pow Wow program September 19, 1964, Camp Josepho.
        Page 2: Chief's message-Joe Beste.Banquet chair, Paul Cohen, discusses entertainment: UCLA fencing team  & FBI agent.
        Page 3: Chief's Council discussed changing flap patch. Contest announced for new design.

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1965-67 Tom-Toms   

April, 1965
Spring, 1966


This issue of the Tom Tom had no masthead and was undated.
Articles: Page 1:Editorial: call for participation.                          Page 2: Story of Joe Scout. Report of new OA Lodge in
 the Virgin Islands.                                                                           

          Another issue on the "Tamet Totem" letterhead.
Articles: Page 1:Tamet contingent to 50th anniversary National OA conference. Cost will be $120, contingent plans to drive to Indiana. Process explained on how to get new multicolored Lodge flap patch. Dues must be paid. 2nd Lodge Pow-Wow at Josepho, May 14-15. Questions answered on new 50th anniversary award.

        Page 2: Chapter chatter. Dakota chapter still trying to sell chapter patch.

    October, 1966

December, 1966

Page 1: Pay your dues. Camp Slauson needs help. Chief's message - Frank Sanford.
        Page 2: Work party at Camp Slauson, October 15, 1966. Tamet Talk.
        Page 3: Chapter News.
        Page 4: Chapter meetings.
Page 1: Pay your dues. 25th Anniversary Banquet January 7, 1967, Camp Josepho. Service project at Josepho.
        Page 2: Chief's Council meeting recap. Tamet Talk.
        Page 3: Chapter articles.
        Page 4: Chapter articles (cont.)

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    February, 1967
  August, 1967
Page 1: 25th Anniversary banquet recap. Area 12-E conference announcement, March 31-April 2. Lodge Ritual team down to 3 members. Walika Lodge ritual team won all the trophies at the 1966 Tokala.
        Page 2: Chief's Council meeting recap. Tamet Talk.
        Page 3: Chapter articles.
        Page 4: Chapter articles (cont.)

Page 1:Fall election banquet to be held September 16, 1967, Camp Josepho. Lodge Chief, Jim Rubert enlists in Marines, Vice Chief, Fred Black also leaves  to attend UCSB. Mark Robbins selected as new Chief
        Page 2:OA service project at Camp Josepho, November 11, 1967. Tamet sends 3 arrowmen to National OA conference.
        Page 3: Chapter News.


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     November, 1967
Page 1: Chief's message. Call for payment of dues. Lodge wants to buy teepees.
        Page 2: Chapter News.
        Page 3: Lodge advisor's message-Paul Doose Sr. Elections to be held at January banquet. September banquet recap, over 300 attend. Elections postponed until January, 1968 Banquet


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