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Tamet Lodge - Training Conferences  

            Tamet Lodge began holding annual training conferences in 1958. The one-day event, initially at Camp Josepho, was designed to provide Lodge officers ,advisers and leaders with instruction on administering and organizing the activities and business of the Lodge. Topics ranged from running a chapter meeting to reviews of National policies. Arrowmen participated in workshops and took exams to demonstrate proficiency. As with all Arrow activities held at Camp Josepho, the day concluded with dinner served in the lodge. The training conference relocated to the Douglas Scout Service Center in 1962, the last year training conferences were held.

March, Camp Josepho
Excerpt from 1958 Lodge Report p.4

1959 Program
May 9, Camp Josepho
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Adviser & Ritual Workshops

Secretary-Treasurer Workshops

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1960 Program
Sunday,May 15, Camp Josepho


Exam p.1

Exam p.2

Instructors' p.1
Instructors' p.2

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1962 Program
April 7, Scout Service Center
Agenda p.1
Agenda p.2

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