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Tamet Lodge - Event Patches & Ribbons  

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Camp Josepho,
September 14

1957 Lodge Banquet Photo

Lodge professional adviser, Bill Kenny wearing the 1957 ribbon.
Purpose of ribbon is unknown.

Gold silk-screened on satin

Tamet Lodge Events
     The Order of the Arrow in Crescent Bay Council began as an organization centered around summer camp. It continued that way  through the merger of Tamet Lodge into Malibu Lodge in 1972. In order to keep the camaraderie and spirit of the OA alive between summers, different gatherings were scheduled that began as dinner meetings and later became banquets.
     The first Tamet Lodge event, called a reunion dinner, was likely held in December 1942. In all, three dinner/meetings were held between the end of camp in 1942 and the beginning of camp in 1943, 
     Tamet Lodge continued to hold multiple activities and events each year including: election meetings, installation dinners, banquets, pow-wows, Tokalas, anniversary's, an Acorn Festival and even an over night Lodge excursion on an aircraft carrier. Most of Tamet Lodge's events were held at Camp Josepho.
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Training Conference
Camp Josepho, May 9
Camp Josepho, February 20
Camp Josepho
  Ball point & marking pen on leather.
Blue Book Cat. No. 225 eL19XX
Embroidered. Yellow flat rolled edge.
Blue Book Cat. No. 225 eR1960
Embroidered. Red rolled edge.
Blue Book Cat. No. 225 eR1964
Camp Josepho, May 15
Gold silk-screened on satin.
      There was no patch issued in 1965.
       Ribbons were awarded for
       Indian lore competition.

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Camp Josepho, May 13-15
25th Anniversary Banquet
Camp Josepho, January 7
Camp Josepho

see varieties of this patch in the

Embroidered on twill. Dark yellow rolled edge.
Blue Book Cat. No. 225 X2

Fully embroidered design was a combination of the Comanche Chapter patch superimposed on the 1954 National OA Conference patch.
Blue Book Cat. No. 225 eX1966
"Tokala" is thought to be a Dakota word meaning "Fox". The origins for calling the Tamet Lodge event "Tokala" are unknown.
Embroidered on yellow twill.
The Tokala was originally a three-day
event open to Arrowmen from
all Lodges in California.
Blue Book Cat. No. 225 eX1968

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Acorn Festival
Camp Josepho, January 18

Camp Josepho, March 6

1971 Award
Camp Josepho, March 6


Embroidered. Designed by Jeff Morley.
(see  >  unused artwork for 1969 )
The Acorn Festival was a co-ed event that replaced the annual Tokala in 1969.
The program included: Ritual clinics,  archery & rifle competition,
Indian games

volleyball tournament, dinner and a campfire. Tamet Lodge returned to the Tokala in 1971-72.
Blue Book Cat. No. 225 eR1969

Blue no-twill background.
  Indian competitions included
costumes, dancing and sand painting.
Blue Book Cat. No. 225 eX1971-1 

Yellow no-twill background. Awarded to First Place winners. A special black feather was awarded to 2nd & 3rd place.
Blue Book Cat. No. 225 eX1971-2

Tokala & 30th Anniversary
Camp Josepho, March 3,4
  1972 Officers
Tokala & 30th Anniversary
Camp Josepho, March 3, 4
    White rolled edge, pale green no-twill
with blue & yellow lettering.
Designed by Jeff Morley.
Blue Book Cat. No. 225 X3 
  Green cut edge on dark blue twill
 with red & yellow lettering.
Given to Lodge officers.
Blue Book Cat. No. 225 X4

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USS Bennington 
San Diego (Coronado)
December 9 & 10

Tamet Lodge organized a two-day Lodge activity aboard the USS Bennington. Members slept in the helicopter crew quarters.
The ritual team performed some dances in costume for the ship's crew including the "Little Emo" skit. see activity documents
Souvenir embroidered navy patch given to participants. (not made by Tamet Lodge)
Official U.S. Navy press photo of the USS Bennington given to Tamet Lodge

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25th Anniversary
25th Anniversary
has a flat rolled edge.
Blue Book Cat. No. 225 X2 (unlisted)
has a regular rolled edge.
Blue Book Cat. No. 225 X2 (unlisted)


    Designs for 1969

These designs by Jeff Morley are the only remainig artwork made for the Chiefs' Council for the Lodge's spring event for 1969. It was initially thought that there would be a Tokala in 1969 but that was changed in favor of an event that became the Acorn Festival. Neither of these designs were ever used.


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