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OA Area Conferences - Vests  

Fellowship Conference
Host: Canalino Lodge 90
San Marcos High School, Santa Barbara
April 22-24

Felt vests were sold at the 1960 Area 12-E Conference. The vests are known to exist in different colors
although the significance of all the colors is not fully known.

Host Lodge Vest

Black felt arrowhead was totem of Canalino Lodge.
Blue silk screened Thunder Bird (symbol of Are 12-E) on reverse side.

The example below belonged to Tamet Lodge delegate Marc Medoff who was Mohawk Chapter Chief
when he attended the conference. It has navy blue piping around gray felt.
After being worn around the conference, some vests like the one shown below became "patch vests"
proudly worn at various OA and Scouting activities and events.

Lodge chiefs' Vest


Vest Front: 1960 12-E patch • 1960 12-E conference name tag • USS Bennington patch ( Tamet Lodge event December 1961)


Vest Back: Area 12-E Conferences patches 1956; 1957; 1958; 1959, 1962 •
Tamet Lodge chapter patches: Comanche; Iroquois; Mohawk & Sioux • 1961 Siwinis Lodge Potlatch.

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