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Tamet Lodge - Sioux Chapter  

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About Sioux Chapter

District: Beverly Hills
Totem: Buffalo Skull

               Sioux was the name chosen for the Tamet Lodge chapter in Beverly Hills District in the early 1950's, several years before Native American names were approved by the Lodge. The "Sioux" as they called themselves as early as 1954, were the first of the Tamet Lodge chapters to go by a Native American name and likely are responsible for the custom that was adopted by all of the district chapters in 1957. The chapter started in 1951 when it was simply known as Beverly Hills Chapter of Tamet Lodge and ended shortly after the merger of Tamet and Walika Lodges in 1972.

          The Sioux are Native American and First Nations people in North America. The term can refer to any ethnic group within the Great Sioux Nation or any of the nation's many language dialects. The Sioux comprise three major divisions based on Siouan dialect and subculture:

  • Isáŋyathi or Isáŋathi ("Knife," originating from the name of a lake in present-day Minnesota): residing in the extreme east of the Dakotas, Minnesota and northern Iowa, and are often referred to as the Santee or Eastern Dakota.
  • Iháŋktȟuŋwaŋ and Iháŋktȟuŋwaŋna ("Village-at-the-end" and "little village-at-the-end"): residing in the Minnesota River area, they are considered to be the middle Sioux, and are often referred to as the Yankton and the Yanktonai, or, collectively, as the Wičhíyena (endonym) or the Western Dakota (and have been erroneously classified as “Nakota) .
  • Thítȟuŋwaŋ or Teton (uncertain, perhaps "Dwellers on the Prairie"; this name is archaic among the natives, who prefer to call themselves Lakȟóta): the westernmost Sioux, known for their hunting and warrior culture, are often referred to as the Lakota.

          Today, the Sioux maintain many separate tribal governments scattered across several reservations, communities, and reserves in the Dakotas, Nebraska, Minnesota, and Montana in the United States; and Manitoba and southern Saskatchewan in Canada.


Article in Tom Tom
February, 1955  p.2

Sioux Pow Wow
Camp Josepho

Burned on leather with button hole and fringe. Beverly Hills Chapter was the first
 to choose a Native American name and the first to make a badge.

Sioux Pow Wow
Camp Josepho

Burned on leather with button hole.
Awarded for winners of dance and costume competitions.
Blue Book Cat. No. Uncatalogued

Blue Book Cat. No. 225 Sioux eL1954

Pioneer Day
May 24


Staff Advisor

Burned on leather. The Pioneer Day was a Beverly Hills District event hosted or staffed by Sioux Chapter.
These patches are also shown on the Beverly Hills District patches page.
Blue Book Cat. No.
225 Sioux eL1958-1

Blue Book Cat. No.
225 Sioux eL1958-2

Blue Book Cat. No.

Early-Mid 1960's



Embroidered on No-twill with cut edge.
Eyes are not embroidered.

Blue Book Cat. No. 225 Sioux R1

Embroidered on twill with rolled edge.
Eyes are embroidered.

Blue Book Cat. No. 225 Sioux R2

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3D Memorabilia  

Sioux Chapter Chief's Necklace
Mid 1950's-72

Silver with jade flint-chipped arrowhead.
  Several Tamet Lodge chapters including Sioux created a necklace for their Chapter Chief.
The necklace was passed down from Chief to Chief.
(image courtesy of Frank Glick)

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Newsletters & Documents  

May, 1971
  October, 1971

  Chapter pancake breakfast, May 9, 1971.
          Chapter Meeting October 20, 1971, at Mark Tynan's house. Chapter patches available for $1.00.

March, 1972 April, 1972

Chapter meeting March 2,1972 at Roxbury Park. Patches still for sale.Bring costuming parts to meeting.
Chapter meeting April 6, 1972 at Roxbury Park.

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