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Tamet Lodge - Shoshone Chapter  

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About Shoshone Chapter

District: Golden Trails
Totem: Indian Bustle

          Shoshone was the name chosen in 1957 for the Tamet Lodge Chapter in what became the Golden Trails District that same year. The Chapter started in 1951 as Westwood Chapter of Tamet Lodge. In 1957, Crescent Bay Council divided Westwood District into Golden Trails and Westwood Hills Districts. This division of the districts required a reorganization of the OA chapters but in a rather confusing move, the officers and ritual team of the old Westwood Chapter became the officers and ritual team of the Shoshone Chapter in the new Golden Trails District. The new Westwood Hills Chapter (see >  Comanche Chapter) started over by electing new officers and starting a new ritual team. Shoshone Chapter ended shortly after the merger of Tamet and Walika Lodges in 1972.

          The Shoshone are a Native American tribe in the United States with three large divisions: the Northern, the Western and the Eastern. They traditionally spoke the Shoshoni language, a part of the large Uto-Aztecan language family. The Shoshone were sometimes called the Snake Indians by early ethnic European trappers, travelers, and settlers.

          The Eastern Shoshone tribes lived in Wyoming, northern Colorado and Montana. After 1750, warfare and pressure from the Blackfoot, Crow, Lakota, Cheyenne, and Arapaho pushed them south and westward. Some of them moved as far south as Texas, to become the Comanche.

          The Western Shoshone tribes lived in OregonIdahoUtah, Nevada and California in the Death Valley, Saline Valley, Panamint Valley and surrounding mountains. The Timbisha Shoshone (Death Valley or Panamint Shoshone) have lived for centuries, and have a federally recognized tribal reservation at Furnace Creek, California. Also the Owens Valley had and have an ongoing Shoshone-Paiute presence.

Patches & Memorabilia  

                                          Tamet Lodge Banquet Program
February 17, 1962, p4.

Shoshone Chapter placed an ad
to sell
their new patch
in the Lodge banquet program .
        Solid embroidered with red cut edge.
Design depicts an Indian bustle superimposed on the Tamet Lodge sun.

Beaded Emblems & Rosettes

          Shoshone Chapter made available beaded emblems for use as decorations on Indian costumes and for trading. These beaded  items were manufactured by George Tatgenhorst, a Native American enthusiast and Arrowman who is credited with co-founding Ashie Lodge no. 436 from San Diego, California in 1950. George later moved to Glendale, California, where he became a member of Spe-Le-Yai Lodge no. 249. He is attributed with running an Indian regaliand costume parts shop in Glendale that was frequented by Arrowmen from all over the Southern California area. It is believed these beaded emblems were either manufactured by Tatgenhorst or through a supplier in Hong Kong or a combination of both. Some of the emblems are marked "TPC" on the back which may have stood for Tagenhorst Patch Co.

    Beaded Arrowhead
Small Letters 
Early 1960's
  Beaded Arrowhead
Large letters 
Early 1960's
    Leather backing with
"Item No. TPC/CH/103" written on back.
  White cotton backing.

Beaded Rosette
3 inch Sun & Shield 
 Early 1960's
  Beaded Rosette
2½ inch Sun & Shield 
 Early 1960's
  Beaded Rosette
3 inch Shield 
 Early 1960's
Leather backing stamped: Hong Kong.
Shoshone bustle & sun totem.
  Leather backing stamped: Hong Kong.
Shoshone bustle & sun totem.
  Leather backing stamped: Hong Kong.
Shoshone bustle totem.

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