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Tamet Lodge - Mohawk Chapter  

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About Mohawk Chapter

District: Culver Palms
Totem: Mohawk Indian

          Mohawk was the name chosen in 1957 for the Tamet Lodge chapter in Culver Palms District at the time that Native American names were first approved by the Lodge. The chapter started in 1951 when it was known simply as Culver Palms Chapter of Tamet Lodge. The chapter name was changed to Sa'Anga in 1970 in honor of the indigenous Native Americans from the lands that became Culver City and Playa Del Rey in the twentieth century.

          Mohawk (Narraganset for: 'they eat (animate) things,' hence 'man-eaters) are the most easterly tribe of the Iroquois confederation. They call themselves Kanien'gehaga, people of the place of the flint and are an Iroquoian-speaking indigenous people of North America originally from the Mohawk Valley in upstate New York. Their territory ranged to present-day southern Quebec and eastern Ontario. Their current settlements include areas around Lake Ontario and the St Lawrence River in Canada. Their traditional homeland stretched southward of the Mohawk River, eastward to the Green Mountains of Vermont, westward to the border with the Oneida Nation St Lawrence River. As original members of the Iroquois League, or Haudenosaunee, the Mohawk were known as the "Keepers of the Eastern Door". For hundreds of years, they guarded the Iroquois Confederation against invasion from that direction by tribes from the New England and lower New York areas.



Embroidered on No-twill
with flat rolled edge. The design depicted a stereotypical Mohawk Indian.
Blue Book Cat. No. 225 Mohawk R1

see varieties of this patch below

Embroidered on twill with rolled edge.
Known as the "Mohawk Script", this patch was particularly unpopular because of its simplistic design that did not measure up to the round Mohawk Chapter patch or patches from other chapters in Tamet Lodge.
Blue Book Cat. No. 225 Mohawk X1


    TYPE A
Solid Earring

5 Line Earring

TYPE A has SOLID dangle from earring.
TYPE B has 5 LINE dangle from earring.

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Neckerchief Slides  

Early 1960's
Early 1960's

Painted plaster. It is believed that Woody Woodpecker was used as a mascot by Mohawk Chapter because of his Mohawk hairdo.

This neckerchief slide was presented to Earl Grabhorn, Ranger of Camp Slauson, by the members of Mohawk Chapter.

Trophy Plate
Awarded to Marc Medoff
As Chapter Chief 1960

        Engraved plastic on plastic.
3D Memorabilia  

Mohawk Chapter Chief's Necklace
Mid 1950's-72

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Mohawk Chapter solicited designs for a new chapter patch in spring 1970.
 The chapter changed it's name in October 1970 before a new Mohawk patch was ordered.
Designed inspired by the 1966 Culver Palms camporee patch.
Artist unknown.
    Flap designs by Jeff Morley.
  Design by Jeff Morley which was
altered with new totem and name to become Sa'Anga Chapter patch. 


U.C.L.A. Jubilee Camporee

Mohawk Chapter Chief Marc Medoff

Douglas Scout Service Center
Mohawk Chapter Officers
Lodge Banquet, Camp Josepho

Bob Hawkins, Lodge Professional Adviser; Norman Brod, Chapter Chief (wearing Chief's necklace); unknown.

Scott Rosen, Treasurer; Norman Brod, Chief;
Barney Mann, Vice Chief; David Van Zak, Secretary

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Mohawk Chapter Plaque
Culver Palms Camporee, Circle B

  Photo in Evening Outlook


Roger Halenar; Jeff Morley; Troop 116.
Plaque of colored aquarium rock glued to plywood
made by Jeff Morley.

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Mohawk Chapter Ritual Team
Culver Palms Camporee, Circle B
Mohawk Chapter Ritual Team
Culver Palms Camporee, Circle B

Jeff Morley; Jerry Zaslow, Ritual Chief;
Robert Rosenstein; Scott Rosen, Chapter Chief

Robert Rosenstein; Scott Rosen, Chapter Chief;
Jerry Zaslow, Ritual Chief; Jeff Morley


Mohawk Chapter Advisor
Culver Palms Camporee, Circle B

Jim Lacomb

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Mohawk Chapter became the first and only Chapter in Tamet Lodge to publish its own newsletter
with the introduction of The Injun in 1967

October, 1967
Volume 1, Number 1

  November, 1967
Volume 1, Number 2


Articles: Page 1: Chapter meeting October 19, 1967. Election of officers: Barney Mann vs. Bob Brownstein for Chief; Scott Rosen vs. Bruce Whitaker for Vice Chief. Dues of $1.00 were due which included a chapter patch and subscription to the newsletter. (Chapter patch was not available until February 1969).

Page 1: Chapter meeting November16, 1967 at Palms Park. Elections for Chief (postponed from October meeting. Adviser's column by Geno Hall. Chapter activities: Carnival at Palms Park, work party at Camp Josepho.
        Page 2: Organization meeting for Chapter ritual team. Swap Shop ads. Dues are due. Roger Halenar-Editor.

December, 1967
Volume 1, Number 3

  January, 1968
Volume 1, Number 4


Page 1: Chapter meeting December 14, 1967 at Palms Park. Barney Mann-new Chapter Chief. Lodge banquet January 6.
        Page 2: Attendance at ritual meeting was poor. Political cartoon.

Page 1: Chapter meeting January 18, 1968 at Palms Park. Football game 8:00 PM-9:00 PM. Lodge Banquet recap.
        Page 2: Roster of Chapter members.

February, 1968
Volume 2, Number 1

  March, 1968
Volume 2, Number 2


Page 1: Chapter meeting February 15,1968. Another football game. Mohawk Chapter work party February 3-4 recap. Jerry Zaslow takes over as Ritual Chief.
        Page 2: Advisor message. Cartoon.

Page 1: Chapter meeting March 21, 1967. Chapter ritual team at Eagle court of honor was not very good. Advisor's message
        Page 2: Swap shop parody. 12-E Conference April 19-21. Request for articles. Political cartoon.

April, 1968
Volume 2, Number 3

  May, 1968
Volume 2, Number 4


Page 1: Area 12-E Conference April 19-21 at Cal State L.A. Cost $6.50. Design for new chapter patch submitted  to Council (this patch was never made). Chapter meeting April 18, 1968. Tamet Tokala promo.
        Page 2:Minutes of the March 21, Chapter meeting. Chief's Column. Message from Jim Lacomb.
        Page 3: Mohawk Chapter wants you.

Page 1: Chapter Advisor, Geno Hall, steps down.Jim Lacomb new Advisor. Chapter meeting May 16, 1968. Tamet Tokala June 1, 1968, cost $2.25
        Page 2: Mohawk Chapter to challenge Santa Monica Chapter to a football game at the Tokala. Chief's column. Recap of May work party at Josepho. Jeff Morley new editor of Injun .

September, 1968
Volume 2, Number 5

  October, 1968
Volume 2, Number 6


Page 1: Lodge Election, ordeal & banquet at Camp Josepho, September 28, 1968. Chapter meeting September 19th, 1968. Chapter Chief candidate bios. Uniform for chapter meetings.
        Page 2: Mohawk ritual team places second overall at Tokala. combined Chief's, Advisor's & Editor's message.

Page 1: Work party at Camp Slauson, October 12, 1968. Message to new members.
        Page 2: Chapter meeting October 10,1968 at Palms Park..
New Chapter officers. Patch credits explained.
        Page 3: Injun starts 2nd year of publication. Ritual team update. Barney Mann elected Lodge chief. Recap of previous year.
        Page 4: Chapter Chief Scott Rosen, message.


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 November, 1968
Volume 2, Number 7

  December, 1968
Volume 3, Number 1



Page 1: Chapter meeting November 7, 1968, at Palms Park. Mohawk Chapter invited to staff Culver Palms camporee at Circle X Scout Ranch. Uniform to  wear at meetings.
        Page 2: Minutes of October chapter meeting. October work party was canceled. Mohawk calender. Ritual team update. Advisor's Column.
        Page 3: Chapter meeting flyer.
Page 1: November camporee recap. recap of November chapter meeting.
        Page 2: Chapter meeting December 12, 1968. Calander. Editorial-member involvement.
        Page 3: Roger Halenar earns Eagle Scout. Geno Hall selected for Vigil Honor. Ritual team update. Call for Injun staff.


January, 1969
Volume 3, Number 2

  February, 1969
Volume 3, Number 3


Articles: Page 1: Lodge Acorn Festival January 18, 1969, cost $1 includes a patch. Chapter meeting January 16th, 1969 at Palms Park. Marina Chapter challenged to football game.
        Page 2: Chapter Chief's column. Calender. Terry Anderson earns Eagle rank. Geno Hall message. Work party February 14-16 at Camp Slauson. Adventures of Ned Mohawk.
        Page 3: Ned Mohawk cont.

Articles: Page 1: Work party at Camp Slauson February  14-15. Calender. Chapter meeting February 13,1969,toinclude football game.
        Page 2: Chapter patches have finally arrived, cost $1.00.
Acorn Festival recap. Mohawks lose to Marina in football game. Chief's report. Ad for Sun Hawk Indian costume supplies.
        Page 3: Ned Mohawk Chapter Odyssey.


March, 1969
Volume 3, Number 4

  October, 1970
Volume 4, Number 1


Page 1: Area 12-E Conference April 11-13, 1969 at Matilija Jr.High School, Ojai, CA. Chapter meeting March 13, 1969. Calendar.
        Page 2: Bring coupons to Chapter meeting. Chapter patches still available. Tamet Tokala promo. Ned Mohawk chapter Odyssey.
        Page 3: Jerry's puzzle page.
Page 1: Chapter meeting October 8, 1970 at Charnock Street School. Chief's message. New Chapter officers. Geno Hall is Chapter Advisor again.


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