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Tamet Lodge - Comanche Chapter  

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About Comanche Chapter

District: Westwood
Totem: Indian Dancer

          In 1957, Crescent Bay Council divided Westwood District into Westwood Hills and Golden Trails  Districts. Comanche was the name chosen for the Tamet Lodge chapter in Westwood Hills District at the time that Native American names were first approved by the Lodge. The officers and ritual team from the former Westwood Chapter of Tamet Lodge organized Shoshone Chapter of Golden Trails District while Comanche Chapter elected new officers and began the process of developing a new ritual team.  Westwood Hills District subsequently dropped the term "Hills" from its name around 1959 to once again be known as Westwood District.

          The Comanche are a Native American ethnic group whose historic range (the Comancheria) consisted of present-day eastern New Mexico, southern Colorado, northeastern Arizona, southern Kansas, all of Oklahoma, and most of northwest Texas. The Comanches were hunter-gatherers, with a typical Plains Indian culture, including the horse. There may have been as many as 45,000 Comanches in the late 18th century.

          Today, the Comanche Nation consists of 14,700 members (2010 enrollment figures) about half of whom live in Oklahoma. The remainder are concentrated in Texas, California, and New Mexico. The tribe is headquartered in Lawton, Oklahoma. The Comanche speak the Comanche language, a Numic language of the Uto-Aztecan family, sometimes classified as a Shoshone dialect.

Patches & Memorabilia  

Chapter Chief's Necklace
Mid 1950's-72

Embroidered on twill with white step-stitch background. Orange rolled edge.
Design was used for the Tamet Tokala patches.
Blue Book Cat. No. 225 Comanche R1


Comanche Chapter solicited designs for a new chapter patch in 1971. The patch was never made.


 Designed by Richard Pealer
(courtesy of Dr. Brian Solow)
     Designed by Jeff Morley

   Designer unknown,
possibly Richard Pealer
(courtesy of Dr. Brian Solow)


Felt letters and details sewn to hemmed cotton.
In the late 1950's, chapters made banners that were attached to the Tamet Lodge Flag.

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