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Tamet Lodge - Vigil Honor Member List  

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          The highest honor bestowed by any local Lodge in the Order of the Arrow is the Vigil Honor.  It is typically awarded annually to a very small group of adults and youth that typify exceptional service to the Lodge, the District or the Council.  Prior to about 1950, the Vigil Honor was awarded  by the Area or Region. Tamet Lodge first selected Vigil Honor members in 1951, again in 1954 and then annually from 1956 through 1972 when the Lodge merged with Walika Lodge no. 228. The first two Vigil Honor members chosen by Tamet Lodge in 1951 were Jack Davies, Lodge Founder and Area U (12-A) chief in 1946-47; and Proctor Weir, Lodge adviser through the late 1940's.
          This list of Tamet Lodge Vigil members has been carefully assembled from the Boy Scouts National Vigil Honor records data base, Tamet Lodge documents, Malibu Lodge documents, Crescent Bay Council documents, newspaper articles and other available information. As with the rank of Eagle Scout, the Vigil Honor is a lifetime recognition.

NOTE: Some Tamet Lodge Vigil Honor members received their Vigil Honor prior to or after their tenure in Crescent Bay Area Council. Where known, these individuals are noted at the end of the listing.

NOTE: There is inconclusive evidence that Tamet Lodge member Ray Loren Tarvin was awarded the Vigil Honor by Area 12-A in 1951. Loren was one of seven members inducted during the Lodge's charter year (1942) to ultimately be elected Lodge Chief (1949-50). He was also Tamet Lodge's second member to be elected Area Chief (1950-51). The last charter year member to be elected as Lodge chief was Bill Douglas in 1951-52. (Thanks to Bill Topkis and Tom Gould for their help in assembling the Tamet Vigil list)

FIRST              YEAR           LODGE CHIEF  VIGIL NAME                                  NATIVE AMERICAN      
Alcantar Gerald 1963
Reliable One Nagatamen
Alcantar Henry 1966
Physician KikeHuwet
Allison Bill 1968
He Who Returns Apatschin
Ayers Edward 1970
He Who does Good for Others Wulihan
Bair Keith 1964 Area 1966 Valuable One Wilawi
Barksdale Lee 1971
Comrade Tschutti
Barry Henry 1970
Toiler Achowalogen
Beck Dan 1958
Strong Worker Achewon Achowalogen
Beck Thomas 1961
Trustworthy Nageuchsowwagan
Bell Dave 1965
Honored One Machelemuxit
Bell Richard 1971
Silent One Tschitgussin
Benham Richard 1964
He Who is Concerned Lachauweleman
Berkson Gary 1971
Mountain Man Wachtschu Lenino
Berman Myles 1972
Frog Tsquall
Beste Joe 1963 1964-65 Lively One Achgiguwen
Black Dave 1972
Mountain   Wachtschu
Black Fred 1967
Swimmer Aschowin
Black John Jr. 1966
Good Natured One Tgauchsin
Black John Sr. 1968
He Who Cures Kikehuwet
Bloom Dave 1965
Active one Wischixin
Bonar Jim 1958
Great Knowledge Weuchsowagan
Boykin Ray 1972
Righteous One Wolelendam
Brice Art Jr. 1965 1966 Cook Sachgachtoon
Brice Art Sr. 1965
Fireman Atenkpatton
Brownstein Bob 1971 1970 Turkey Buzzard Amatschipuis
Brunson Don 1959
Unselfish Leader
Burrows Lewis 1961
Back From the Wilderness
Caldwell Morrie 1965
Mighty Camper
Cerra Nick 1961
One Who Helps
Clark Stuart 1972
Tall One
Cohen Jeff 1970 1969-70 Hiker
Cohen Paul 1964
Helpful One
Conrad Tom 1968 1968        Area 1969 One Who Holds Councils
Courtamanche Steve 1966
Spirited One
Courtrite Charles 1963
Lively One
Cutler Bud 1959
Strong Interest
Dagodag Tim 1959
Ritual Chief
Dahlem John 1960
Willing Worker
Davies Jack 1951 1942,      Area 1947 Song Leader
Davis Bart 1958
Deep Understanding
Davis Forrest 1962
Esteemed Cook
DeHart Dale 1971
Big Heart
Doose Paul Jr. 1963 1965-66,     Area 1964 Diligent One Licchpin
Doose Paul Sr. 1961
Camp Chief
Dutra Dave 1970
Fast One
Elkin Tom 1959
Strong Character
Fisher Bruce 1969
Fulkerson Maurice 1969
He Who Serves
German John 1967*
One Who Exerts Himself
Gillette Earl 1961
Drum Maker
Gillette Wally 1961
Thunder Dancer
Goldring Irving 1966
Bald Eagle Woaplanne
Gordon Peter 1959 1960-61 Outstanding Worker
Gordon Glen 1959
Wise Adviser

Gordon L. 1971
Grabhorn Earl 1958
Strong Heart
Grimm Terry 1963 1963 Experienced One
Hall  Eugene 1968
One Who is Highly 'Esteemed
Halloran Jack 1954 1951-52 Arrow Chief Allum Sakima
Hartman Bennett 1966
Worthy One
Hawkins Robert 1960
Faithful Spirit of the Wind
Hayes William 1962
Energetic One

Hill Robert 1961
Inexhaustible Worker
Hoag Donald 1962
Bear Leader
Hodges Charles  1962
Leader of Boys
Holley Karl 1965
One Who Enjoys
Hood Caroll Jr.  1957 1957-58,
Area 1960
Young Chief
Hood Caroll Sr.  1959
Wise Leader
Ingram Gail 1961
Lodge Helper
Jarmen William 1964
Elder Brother
Jordan` K. Paul 1956 1955-56 Strong Leader
Kandelin Jay 1970
Bearded One
Kenny William 1956
Kiester Don 1961
One Who is Skillful

Kleinberg Samuel 1970
He Who Instructs
Kniss Clay 1958
Lanning Michael 1957
Strong Will
Lauxman Gene 1962
He Who Serves
LaComb Jim 1970
One Who Carries Load
Lehnert Richard 1968
Levy Marshal 1962
Active one
Manchen Harry A.  1972
Mann Barney 1969 1968-69 Determined One Gischitehen
Marquez Art 1958
Straight Thinker Abaca Notaway
Mathews David
Ground Squirrel Anicus
Mathews Donald
Green Warrior Asgask-Netopalis
McGill John 1964
Tall One
Medoff Marc 1961 1961-62 Arrow Chief Monegahi
Merrit Warren 1966
Pine Tree
Miller Alfred 1960
Esteemed Spirit of the Sea
Miller Kenneth 1971
Friendly Looking One Langomuwinaxin
Miller Ronald 1962 1962-63 White Sunshine
Morgan Charles 1958 1958-59 Wise Chief
Morley Jeff 1970 1971-72 One Who Creates with His Hands Gischihan
Morse Stan  1957
Man Who Makes People Listen
Neset David 1960
Faithful Chapter Chief
Neset Terry 1958
Swift Brave
Oakford Craig 1971
White Oak
Orgell Eric 1954
Friendly Leader
Ohnoki Daniel 1963
Earnest One
Orr Russell 1957
Dancing Warrior
Parker Gary 1970
Tall One
Parlett Phil 1969
Silent One Tschitgussin
Petraltis Peter 1966
Trustworthy One
Piper Clell 1969
Medicine Man
Piper Roger 1969
Wise One
Pollock Doug 1972
Black Fox
Pudney Frank 1954
One Who is Skilled
Randlemon Cecil 1968
West Wind
Reed Rex 1962
First in the Dance
Ritterskamp Don 1972
Pigeon Amemi
Robbins Mark 1967 1967 Messenger
Robbins Mike 1967
Camper Mechmauwikenk
Roberts Jack 1971
He Who Has Endurance
Robinson Charles 1962
Rosenstein Robert 1972
Ground Hog
Rubert Jim 1969*70 1967 Fighter Machtagen
Sanford Frank 1966 1966 The Happy One
Sanford Guy 1968 1970-71 Dancer Gentgeen
Sanford Oliver 1967
Lamp Carrier
Sealy Ramon 1966
Fast Talker Alappiechsin
Sinclair Jerry 1972
Solow Larry 1970
Swanson Scott 1963
Busy One
Tarvin Ray Loren 1950 1949-50,     Area 1951 Music Maker Hah Hee No Nis
Taylor John 1967
Patient One
Trochtenberg Herbert 1963
Generous One
Tynan Mark 1972
Underkofler Harry 1963
Valuable One Wilawi
Vail David 1969
Outspoken One
Volz James 1960
Loyal Keeper of the legend
Way David 1959?61

Story Teller
Weiner David 1971
Red Bird
Weir Pierce 1970
Watchman Wewoapisak
Weir Proctor 1951
Father of 2 Eagles Atsa Nah Keei Bi Zheh Eh
Weiss Paul Jr. 1960
Great Guard of Camp
Weiss Paul Sr. 1956
Wendt George 1961
Camp Chief
Whitehead James 1960
Mighty Leader on Camp Trip
Wilson John 1968
Wise man
Wowoatam Mowino
Wilson Steve 1960
Wise Young Adviser

Zaslow Jerry 1971
Star Dancer
Zook John 1970
One Who Does Good Work

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Barber Alden 6/21/58,
DSA '75
Kowankamish 395
Bader Jack 4/2/56 Walika 228 Big Brother Tanka Hunk Wangi
Colberg Schiller 1939 Owasippi 7
My Lover
Devitt J. Michael 1957 Mikano 231    
Durbin Lyle 9/17/60 Tipicon 425 To Work With
Goldberg Manny 1953 Owasippi 7
Elder Brother
Loquvam Richard 4/21/56 Walika
Big Wind  
Amangi Linchen 
Olson Hugo ?  ?
Rice Richard 12/6/58,
DSA '86
Hyas Chuck Kah Sun Klatawa 442
Schlumbom Art ?  ?
Wheelock Calvin 8/9/1958 Walika 228
Looks Both Ways

NOTE: DSA refers to recipient of the Order of the Arrow Distinguished Service Award


  DATES OF TAMET LODGE VIGIL HONOR CEREMONIES  (All ceremonies held at Camp Josepho) 
1951 - November 18 1956 - April 21
1961 - June 17
1965 - May 15
1969 - May 31
1952 - no election
1957 - June 8
1962 - May 31

1966 - April 30

1970 - March 6
1953 - no election
1958 - June 14
1963 - May 31

1967 - May 6
1971 - March 7
1954 - September 26 1959 - February 21 1964 - May 23
1968 - June 9
1972 - March 4
1955 - no election
1960 - February 20

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