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Tamet Lodge - Vigil Honor Medallions  

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About the Tamet Lodge Vigil Honor Medallions

          The tradition of the Tamet Lodge Vigil Honor medallions dates to the mid 1950's. The Lodge awarded its first Vigil Honors in 1951 when Lodge founder and first chief, Jack Davies was selected along with Tamet's first lay adviser, Proctor Weir. The second group of Vigil Honors were awarded three years later on September 26, 1954 when the honor went to: 10th chief, Jack Halloran; second lay adviser, Eric Orgell and Camps Josepho and Emerald Bay Handicraft Director, Frank  "Pop" Pudney.
          As legend has it, "Pop", who was extremely proficient in leather-craft, designed and crafted two special leather Vigil Honor triangles as mementos for his fellow 1954 inductees. It is unknown if he made a third medallion for himself at that time.
          For the next Vigil Honor inductions two years later in 1956, it is believed the Lodge asked "'Pop" to make a supply of Vigil Honor medallions for the new inductees and other Vigil Honor members of Tamet Lodge (including a handful of Vigil Honor members from other Lodges who had transferred into Crescent Bay Council). "Pop" continued to make Vigil Honor medallions as needed until the mid 1960's after which the tradition was carried on by Art Brice Sr.
          For eighteen years, ending with the last Tamet Lodge Vigil Honor ceremony on March 4, 1972, each Tamet Lodge Vigil Honor member was awarded a leather medallion.

          Medallion Construction: Since the medallions were hand crafted, each is slightly different. However, the basic construction remained the same between 1954-72. The triangles were composed of two pieces of leather, laced together with lanyard, upon which three white arrows were glued. The assembled Vigil Honor triangles were then suspended from either a leather thong or braided cord which was wrapped with thread of varying colors where it attached around a leather loop secured by a rivet. 

Vigil Medallions Made by "Pop" Pudney 1950's-1965
Typically made with THICK arrow shafts.





RED triangle wrapped with black lanyard  which does not extend around top.
Awarded to Jack Halloran in 1954.


  BROWN triangle wrapped
with red-brown lanyard
 which extends around top.
 Awarded to Jack Bader in 1957.

DARK BROWN triangle wrapped
 with brown lanyard
which does not extend around top.
Awarded to Paul Doose in 1963.
(image courtesy of Adam Lombard)

Vigil Medallions Made by Art Brice Sr. 1966-1972
Typically made with THIN arrow shafts


Card wrapper that came with
Vigil medallions made by Art Brice.


BROWN triangle wrapped
 with LIGHT BROWN lanyard. 
which extends around top. 

BROWN triangle wrapped
 with VERY LIGHT BROWN lanyard. 
which extends around top. 

     1970   1978

  This Vigil triangle was not issued by Tamet Lodge. It is one of many similar Vigil medallions made by Walika Lodge member Bill Strough. Throughout the 1960-70's, Bill offered unique medallions to Walika Lodge; Area 12-E; and later, Malibu Lodge Vigil Honor members.

 DARK BROWN triangle wrapped
 with VERY LIGHT BROWN lanyard. 
which extends around top.
    DARK BROWN triangle wrapped
 with LIGHT BROWN lanyard
which extends around top.
Awarded to Jeff Morley in 1970.
Blue Book Cat. No. 225 L1
     Colored felt sandwiched between aluminum triangles. Purchased by
Malibu Lodge Vigil Honor member
Bill Topkis for his personal wear from
Bill Stroh's pre-made samples book.

1957 Lodge Banquet  
Camp Josepho, September 14,1957

In addition to the Tamet Lodge members awarded the Vigil Honor in June of 1957, most of the
1954 and 1956 Vigil Honor members were also in attendance and wearing their Vigil Honor medallions.

Vigil Honor member-1954
Jack Halloran, 1951-52 Lodge Chief,
NOTE: Past Chief's thunder bird pin on sash.

Vigil Honor member-1956

Bill Kenny, Professional Adviser,
NOTE: Tamet ribbon on name tag.

Vigil Honor member-1954

"Pop" Pudney, Handicraft Director,
NOTE: Triangle with light border,


New Vigil Honor members for 1957
L-R: Stan Morse; Carol Hood Jr. 1957-58 Lodge Chief, Russel Orr, 1957-58 Vice Chief,
NOTE: Stan Morse and Russell Orr's triangles with dark border, Carol Hood's triangle has light border.

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