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Tamet Lodge - Vigil Honor Certificates  
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          Vigil Honor members of Tamet Lodge were awarded a certificate from the BSA. The earliest certificates were signed by the National Chief of the Order of the Arrow. From the mid 1950's through 1972, the certificates were signed by the OA National Secretary.

Awarded to:
Proctor H. Weir
Indian name: Atsa-Nah-Keei-Bi-Zheh-Eh 
English translation: Father of Two Eagles
Signed: George W. Chapman
(image courtesy of Pierce Weir)
Awarded to:
Earl Grabhorn
Indian name: Soangeteha 
English translation:
Strong Heart
Signed: Phillip W. Robbins


Awarded to:
Marc Medoff
Indian name: Monegahi 
English translation:
Arrow Chief
Signed: Martin Mockford




Awarded to:
Keith Bair
Indian name: Wilawi 
English translation: Valuable One
Signed: Martin Mockford


Awarded to:
Mike Robbins
Indian name: Mechmaumikenk 
English translation: Camper
Martin Mockford
(image courtesy of Mike Robbins)


1970 (1969)

Awarded to:
Barney Mann
Indian name: Gischitehen 
English translation: Determined one
Signed: David Boshea
NOTE: Barney Mann received his Vigil Honor in 1969
but was issued his certificate in 1970.
(image courtesy of Barney Mann)
Awarded to: Jeff Morley
Indian name:
English translation: One who creates with his hands
David Boshea


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