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Camp Josepho - Staff Jackets   
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          Even though Camp Josepho was the first Crescent Bay Camp to make Staff T-Shirts beginning in 1943, the camp ceased being a summer camp in 1948, before staff Jackets had been issued by any Crescent Bay Camp. Around that year, Sea Scouts crewing
the Manta (Crescent Bay's newly acquired shuttle for campers and supplies between Santa Monica pier and Emerald Bay) created their own jackets from unused Air Scout jackets in the Council office. Manta crew members were part of the Camp Emerald Bay staff and their jackets became the first Camp Emerald Bay staff jackets.
          The idea was an instant hit and by 1948-50, the entire staffs of Camps Emerald Bay and Wolverton had their own stylish
staff jackets with camp logos, a tradition that exists to this day. Twenty years later in the late 1960's, weekend staff members at Josepho were finally successful in getting the Council to make staff jackets for them. Because of Camp Josepho's limited number of staff members, these jackets, issued one per person, are rarely seen.




Cotton blend with 1968-71 Camp Josepho camper patch.
Smokey Bear shoulder patch was a custom add-on
and not part of the general issue jackets.

Cotton blend with 1972 Camp Josepho patch.
Stamped "STAFF" in black. In 1972, when Crescent Bay and San Fernando Valley Councils were merging, weekend Staff at Camp Josepho did not use the dark blue nylon "transition" jackets used that summer at Emerald Bay and Wolverton.

Great Western Council Era

Transition Jacket



Nylon with 1973 brown bordered Camp Josepho patch.
The 1973 staff jackets were leftover 1972 "Transition" jackets used at Camps Emerald Bay and Wolverton the previous summer. Transition camp jackets and neckerchiefs can be identified because they say "Boy Scouts of America" around the bottom of the patch instead of "Crescent Bay Area Council."

Nylon with "Great Western Council" and 1974 Camp Josepho patch. Smokey Bear shoulder patch was a custom add-on
and not part of the general issue jackets.

Western Los Angeles County Council Era

Early 2000's

Nylon with fleece lining and collar. STAFF embroidered in yellow. 1990's-style Camp Josepho patch design embroidered directly into jacket.

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