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Camp Josepho - Song Books  

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          Group singing was a staple for entertainment and camaraderie during the 1920's-early 1940's. It is hard to imagine a world without today's social media. But prior to the later 1940's, there was not even television. When scouts got together, social interaction involved conversation, group activities and lots of singing. Scouts would sing after meals, at campfires, hiking on the trails and spontaneously when the opportunity presented itself. Song books were commonly used at camp containing the lyrics to a variety of classic and familiar tunes ballades and even occassional prayers.

          The first song book used at Camp Josepho was locally made within the Council  from songs mimeographed onto sheets of paper, cut and stapled into a book. Songs include many old favorites like: Home on the Range; Down in the Valley; Zippty Doo Dah; She'll Be Comin' Round the Mountain; Do Your Ears Hang Low; and Alouette.
          The Song Book example below has a dittoed sheet with two unique Camp Josepho songs stapled to the inside of the back cover. These unique songs do not appear to have been used any other summer at Camp Josepho.

  Inside Back Cover
  Back Cover
Songs: The Josepho Magic Spell;
Back to Camp Josepho
  Page 1
  Page 2
  Page 3
Table of contents
Songs: Camp (Josepho) Song
Songs: Chaparral (Santa Monica Mountains) Song
  Page 4
  Page 5
  Page 22
Songs: Hiking Song; Upward Trail

Songs: A Song of Peace;
Trail Chant. Songs make reference to wars in Europe prior to U.S. involvement in World War II.
Songs: Indians of the Oaks. Song makes reference to the campers at Josepho belonging to the Gabrielino Tribe (Before Camp Josepho was divided into 8 tribes in 1942)

          Beginning in 1930's, booklets of popular songs were published by professional scouters Wes H. Klusmann and Carl E. Zander. Klusmann worked as BSA Regional Camping chairman based in the Region 12 office in Los Angeles. Originally called Camp Songs for Boy Scouts and later, Camp Songs Popular Edition, the booklet contained over 50 pages of lyrics and circulated widely throughout the scout camps of Southern California and beyond. Copies sold for 5 cents each and 4 cents in quantities above 100. Along the way, Klusmann and Zander offered customized editions to local scout councils that included the council's name or camp printed on the cover and even special or unique camp songs added as additional page inserts to the center of the books.
          Camp Emerald Bay had its own custom versions of Camp Songs during the 1930's, When summer camping in Crescent Bay Council shifted exclusively to Camp Josepho in 1942, several custom printings of Camp Josepho Song books were made. By the mid 1940's, many of the Camp Josepho songs were incorporated directly into the popular edition used for general sale to all scout councils.
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  circa 1942 Camp Songs
21st Printing
Custom Printed Cover for Camp Josepho
Special Four Page Insert of Camp Josepho Songs

The insert pages for this printing are not numbered and were added after the booklets had been printed.
Artwork for the Camp Song Books was designed by Juan Acevedo, painter of the Camp Josepho Team Plaque
 and designer for the KFI Sierra Patrol.

TYPE 1 Cover
  TYPE 2 Cover
    Inside Front Cover
  Inside Back Cover
has Camp Josepho overprinted in BLACK. This is likely the first version of the custom Josepho Song Books.
has Camp Josepho printed in BROWN
as part of the cover.
    Insert Page 1
      Insert Pages 2 & 3
      Insert Page 4

Songs: Camp Josepho Hymn; Here in our West Land;
On My Honor; Camp Josepho Hiking Song; Pink Pajamas;
Josepho Pep Song
Songs: Shouting Out the
Battle Cry of Freedom;
John Jacob Jingleheimer Smith

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circa 1945 Camp Songs
23rd Printing
Custom Printed Cover for Camp Josepho
Special Eight Page Section of Camp Josepho Songs

For this edition, the Camp Josepho song section was incorporated into the other pages of the booklet with the pages numbered in sequence.

   Page 25
  Inside Front Cover
  Inside Back Cover
Songs: Camp Josepho Hymn;
The Camp Josepho Team (song of the Order of the Arrow)

For the first time, Camp Josepho songs become a part of the Camp Song book and appear in a separate section at the bottom of the index of songs.
    Pages 26 & 27
  Pages 28 & 29
Each of the 8 Indian Tribes of Camp Josepho had their own song. Songs: The Mighty Navajo; Song of the Shawnee; The Sturdy Sioux; Warriors of the Iroquois; The Fighting Cherokee; Apache Fight Song; The Mohawk Fight Song; The Glorious Chippewa.
Songs: The Camp Josepho Hiking Song; Pink Pajamas;
 Josepho Pep Song; The Boarding House Bed; The Spearmint Song; Hey Ho; John Jacob Jingleheimer Smith
    Page 30 & 31
  Page 32
Songs: Hiking; On My Honor; Trail the Eagle (by 1st Crescent Bay Scout Executive Donald Monroe); Never Say Fail; Booster Song; Here in our West Land (shorter version than the 21st printing)
Songs: Shouting Out the
Battle Cry of Freedom

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