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Camp Josepho - War Memorial Flag Pole  

About the War Memorial Flag Pole

Plaques designed and prepared by Leon Luley
Monument design directed by James Whitehead
  5 bronze plaques: 3 embedded in concrete, 2 surface mounted
Overall dimensions: approximately 7' tall x 9' wide

As seen in 2009 above the western side of the parade grounds
          The War Memorial flag pole at Camp Josepho stands as a Southern California landmark along with the Grand Lodge Building. In the late 1940's a special monument with bronze plaques was built in front of the original camp flag pole as a tribute to Crescent Bay Council Scouts who lost their lives during World War II.
          The plaques were the idea of Crescent Bay scouter Leon Luley who designed and prepared the bronze tablets and then, along with his wife Helen and son Ronald, presented them to the Council at a dedication ceremony held at Camp Josepho on October 13, 1946. The ceremony was the finale to the Council's 26th annual meeting which celebrated the 25th Anniversary of Crescent Bay Council. Over 700 people were in attendance.
          (Note: while the beginning of Crescent Bay Council has generally been attributed to 1922, there is evidence that the Council actually started in December, 1921, and considered 1946 the 25th anniversary year.)
          The dedication address was delivered by Tamet Lodge Chief John Ehrlichman who had recently returned home after European service with the Army Air Corps where he was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross. Ehrlichman, led Mt. Whitney pack trips from Camp High Sierra/Sequoia (Wolverton) with Alden Barber in 1941 & 1946 and served on Camp Josepho staff in 1942. During World War II, he flew 26 missions over Germany as a B-17 lead navigator.
         There are fifty-two names listed on the center "'Honor Role" plaque and twenty additional names on two smaller plaques:

Center Plaque
Original George Bergstrom Photo
circa 1946


Richard Andes Tr. 26 Brentwood 
Kel Barrett
Tr. 11
Santa Monica
Bob Burke Tr. 55 Westwood
John Casky Tr. 20 Topanga
Gordon Clague
Santa Monica
Robert Conrad
Ship 2  
Santa Monica
James Constant Tr. 28 Venice
George Cullison Tr. 35 Westwood
John Erwin Douglas Tr. 67 Santa Monica
Marshal Gerth Tr. 17 Beverly Hills
Fred Gibson Tr. 42 Beverly Hills
Jack Goldwater Ship 52 Beverly Hills
Don Hadra
Tr. 4
Santa Monica
Donald R. Haines Ship 137 Beverly Hills
Herbert Hayden Tr. 49 Palms
George Hinely Tr. 25 West Los Angeles
Jack Hodgins Ship 55 Santa Monica
Mel Jacoby Tr. 17 Beverly Hills
Kenneth Kellogg Ship 52 Beverly Hills
Walter Kellogg Ship 52 Beverly Hills
Bill Lindsey Tr. 37 Beverly Hills
David Lowenberg
Tr. 11
Santa Monica
Robt. G. Mayotte Tr. 26 Brentwood
Dick Mc Cloud Tr. 46 Mar Vista
Harold Moore
Ship 16
Santa Monica
Chas. Moran Tr. 25 West Los Angeles
Frederick Peake Tr. 65 Cheviot Hills
Karman Richardson Tr. 23 Pacific Palisades
Marshall Riddick Tr. 65 Cheviot Hills
William B. Ross
Ship 16
Santa Monica
John D. Sauer Tr. 23 Pacific Palisades
Ernie Schaub Ship 47 West Los Angeles
Jack Schilling Tr. 37 Beverly Hills
Fred Schmid Tr. 21 Palms
Jack Schoonover Tr. 61 Palms
Ross Schrader Tr. 41 Beverly Hills
Bob Scott Ship 52 Beverly Hills
James Scriven Tr. 31 Venice
Herbert T. Sheetz Tr. 29 Venice
John R. Simons
Tr. 4
Santa Monica
Luther Simpson Tr. 43 Palms
Jimmie Snitzer Tr. 37 Beverly Hills
Jack Somers Tr. 19 Culver City
Ludwig Strossner Tr. 19 Culver City
Walter Suckling
Tr. 17
Beverly Hills
Robert E. Smyser Tr. 21 Palms
Charles Temple Ship 22 Santa Monica
Ted Viault Tr. 55 Westwood
George Vaughn Ship 47 West Los Angeles
Edw. Weideman
Tr. 12
Santa Monica
Thomas A. Wilde
Ship 45
Santa Monica
Stanley Yahnke
Tr. 66
Santa Monica

      Left Plaque
  Right Plaque

Charles Chapin Tr. 41 Beverly Hills 
Morris Cummings
Tr. 26
William Durston Tr. 26 Brentwood
David Ray Florance Tr. 1 Santa Monica
Harold Pulliam
Tr. 38 
Beverly Hills
Elwood Smith
Tr. 54  
Beverly Hills
John Huntington
Van Matre
Tr. 1 Santa Monica

Harry Black Tr. 32 Venice 
Wallace Bush
Ship 121
Culver City
Joseph D. Cenco Tr. 34 Venice
Edward Corey Ship 121 Culver City
Arthur Damian
David Gellar
Tr. 34  
Willis W. Harris Tr. 32 Venice
Buck High Ship 121 Culver City
Eugene Moran Tr. 34 Venice
Robert Miller Tr. 21 Culver City
John O'Connell Tr. 21 Culver city
James Paladena     
Ship 121 Culver City
Harold White Tr. 21 Culver City
Dedication of the War Memorial Monument

October 12, 1947
Original George Bergstrom Photo

R: Dick Rice • Jack Stufflebeam • Arthur Slinde • Alden Barber • Rev. Clifford B. Holland • John Ehrlichman (holding microphone) •
F. R. "Uncle Bob" Hill • James Whitehead (council commissioner) • unknown Sea Scout; Boy Scout; Cub Scout

          Luley's bronze plaques were embedded into a concrete monument in front of the Camp Josepho flag pole under direction of Crescent Bay Commissioner James Whitehead. The imposing monument, almost seven feet tall and nine feet wide, was adorned with two American Eagles perched upon globes. Another dedication ceremony was held at Crescent Bay Council's 27th annual meeting held at Camp Josepho on October 12, 1947.  Over 600 scouts, scouters and their family members were reported to be in attendance.
          Once again, John Ehrlichman delivered the dedication address while the Rev. Clifford B. Holand of St. Paul's Lutheran Church offered the dedicatory prayer. A color guard of uniformed World War II veterans from Tamet Lodge assisted in the dedication including chiefs Ehrlichman; Dick Rice; Arthur Slinde and charter members Alden Barber & Jack Stufflebeam.

October 12, 1947
Original George Bergstrom Photos


Leon and Helen Luley.
 NOTE: stucco surface on monument appears to still be drying.

L-R: F. R. "Uncle Bob" Hill • Walter O. Willey (vice president) •
Col. William Brandt (outgoing Council president) •
 Leon & Helen Luley • James Whitehead (commissioner) •
 Leland P. Reeder (director) • David Lyons (Beverly Hills chairman) • Virgil Bell (incoming Council president)

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1985 Re-dedication

          For almost four decades, the Camp Josepho War Memorial stood as it had since 1947. Vegetation around the flag pole had overgrown while the condition of the Memorial deteriorated following several mudslides and fires that had swept through the camp. In 1985, the members of Malibu Lodge Order of the Arrow, began a restoration of the Memorial. Damage was repaired, vegetation was cleared and two additional plaques honoring scout veterans from the Korean and Vietnam Wars were added. A re-dedication ceremony was held that included a message from Congress and the raising of an American flag that had flown over the Nation's Capital.

Left Plaque
Korean War
  Excerpt from National OA Bulletin
January, 1986 - page 9

Right Plaque
Vietnam War


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Local Newspaper Articles

    Hollywood Citizen News
October 11, 1946

  Beverly Hills Bulletin
October 14, 1946
NOTE: Lt. Comdr. John W. "Iggy" Ingrahm served as the ranger of Camp Slauson between 1938-40.

Beverly Hills Bulletin
October 17, 1946

Beverly Hills Bulletin
October 14, 1947


Thanks to Bill Topkis for securing many of the artifacts shown on this page.

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