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Council Events - Pow Wow - Documents  

1927 Pow Wow
Lincoln Junior High School, Santa Monica

May 14

Events and Regulations

Informational sheet explaining schedule, competitions, awards, and regulations.
NOTE: This sheet was folded in a typical size to be stored in the pocket of a Scout shirt,
a very common practice of scouts attending any event.

1937 Pow Wow
Beverly Hills High School

  November 20

Judge's Card

Judge's filled out cards for each event.
Flint & Steel Event - Troop 34
Signed: Russell R. Trengove

1939 Pow Wow
Culver City

  December 2

Planning Meeting Letter
October 4, 1939

Request to attend meeting to be held at Scout Headquarters in Santa Monica
from chairman Carl Helms with a personal P.S. to "John".

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