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About Pow Wows
          Crescent Bay Council developed an impressive schedule of events and contests for local Scouts prior to World War II. Future first Crescent Bay Scout Executive, Donald Monroe, organized a Federation of troops at a meeting held at the Sawtelle Chamber of Commerce on October 22, 1921 (two months before Crescent Bay Council was formed). The Federation meeting is generally considered to be the start of Crescent Bay Council and included troops from Beverly Hills, Culver City, Ocean Park, Santa Monica, Venice, Sawtelle (West Los Angeles), Sherman (West Hollywood), Inglewood, El Segundo, Redondo Beach, Lawndale and Hawthorne.
          It was decided to hold quarterly Pow Wows and the first one was held a week later on October 29, 1921. The Saturday night event pitted Council troops and patrols against each other in Scouting skill contests. Six troops entered the Pow Wow on short notice: Venice Troops 1 and 3; Santa Monica Troops 1 and 2; Culver City Troop 1; and Sawtelle Troop 1. Each scout was asked to bring a guest and over 175 people were in attendance.

Santa Monica Outlook
October 29, 1921  page 1

The 1921 Pow Wow, is credited as the actual beginning of Crescent Bay Council.

          Pow Wow's were comprised of different scouting competitions that pitted troops and patrols  against each other by earning points. Events included Fire Building; Drills; Knot Tying; Water Boiling for time; Inspections; Signaling; Races; Bugling and Tent Pitching. During the 1930's, model airplane and model boating competitions were included.  crescent bay council pow wow
          Trophies, Pennants, Ribbons, hand-made Leather awards, medals and even cakes were presented to winning troops and patrols.


          The leather awards precede patches and are among the earliest insignia known from Crescent Bay Area Council. Scrap leather was readily available and commonly used during the 1930's because leather insignia and ribbons could be made in small numbers at nominal cost.
          Initially, the Pow Wow's were to be held quarterly but quickly evolved into an annual format by 1924. Districts within the Council held their own Pow-Wows as qualifying events for the Council's main event. Following 1930, when no Pow Wow was scheduled, the final Crescent Bay Pow Wow was held in 1941.
          The Crescent Bay Council Pow Wow was the Council's first and most popular event throughout the 1920's and early 1930's prior to the creation of the Camp-O-Ral in 1933. Throughout the later 1930's, the popularity of the Pow Wow declined among many of the troops until only the Camp-O-Ral  continued during World War II and afterwards.

List of
Crescent Bay Council Pow Wows


1921 Oct 30

Sawtelle Boulevard School
Santa Monica Troop 1
1922 January Redondo Beach  Unknown 
1922 April 8

Santa Monica Auditorium Plaza
Redondo Troop 1
Redondo Beach 
Santa Monica Troop 2
Jan 13

Santa Monica High School
Santa Monica Troop 2
1923 April 21  District  Inglewood Union High School  Unknown 
1923 May 5  District  Redondo Beach Hotel  Manhatttan Beach Troop 1 
1923 June 23  District  Clover Aviation Field  Unknown 
June 14

Inglewood Union High School
El Segundo Troop 1 &
Inglewood Troop 1
June 20

Redondo Beach Gym
1st-  Venice Troop 2 (Troop 29)
2nd- Venice Troop 5 (Troop 32)
3rd-  Inglewood Troop 1
Jun 5
& 12

Santa Monica High School
1st-  Troop 1 Santa Monica
2nd- Troop 1 Inglewood
3rd-  Troop 7 (Troop 34) Venice
May 14

Lincoln Junior High School    Santa Monica
1st-  Troop 17 Beverly Hills
2nd- Troop 23 Santa Monica
3rd-  Troop 32 Venice
4th-  Troop 34 Venice & 11 SM
May 26

Uplifter's Ranch-Rustic Canyon Pacific Palisades
1st-  Troop 17 Beverly Hills
2nd- Troop 37 Beverly Hills
3rd - Troop 18 Culver City
May 11

West Los Angeles Playground Sawtelle
1st-  Troop 17 Beverly Hills
2nd- Troop 1 Santa Monica
3rd-  Tie- Troops 34 & 31 Venice?
              Troop 37 Beverly Hills?



1931 May 23 West Los Angeles Playground 1st-  Troop 17 Beverly Hills
2nd- Troop 18 Culver City
3rd-  Troop 33 Beverly Hills
4th-  Tie- Troops 34 Venice &
        Troop 23 Santa Monica
1932 May 14 West Los Angeles Playground 1st-  Troop 17 Beverly Hills
2nd- Troop 37 Beverly Hills
3rd-  Troop 33 Beverly Hills
4th-  Troop 34 Venice
1933 May 27 West Los Angeles Playground 1st-  Troop 12 Santa Monica
2nd- Troop 34 Venice
3rd-  Troop 37 Beverly Hills
4th-  Troop 17 Beverly Hills
5th-  Troop 41 Beverly Hills
1934 May 7
Combined event with Camp-O-Ral West Los Angeles Playground 
1st-  Troop 34 Venice & 12 SM    
3rd-  Troop 17 Beverly Hills         
4th-  Troop 33 Beverly Hills          
1935 Feb 9 Lincoln Junior High School 1st-  Tie- Troop 34 Venice &
        Troop 11 Santa Monica
3rd-  Troop 17 Beverly Hills
4th-  Troop 12 Santa Monica
1936 Dec 12 Lincoln Junior High School 1st-   Grizzles Tr.11 Santa  Monica
2nd-  Tie- Blue Eagle Tr. 34 &          Sequoia Tr. 11 Santa
3rd-   Cobra Tr. 63 Venice
4th-   Tie- Beaver Tr. 34 Venice &
          Eagle Tr. 63 Venice
1937 Nov 20 Beverly Hills High School 1st-   Troop 11 Santa Monica
2nd-  Troop 34 Venice
3rd-   Troop 33 Beverly Hills
4th-   Troop 17 Beverly Hills
1938 Dec 3 Beverly Hills High School 1st-   Troop 34 Venice
2nd-  Troop 63 Venice
3rd-   Troop 11 Santa Monica
4th-   Troop 29 Venice
5th-   Troop 31 Venice
6th-   Troop 17 Beverly Hills
1939 Dec 2 Culver City Junior Division
1st-   Troop 63 Venice
2nd-  Troop 46 Culver Palms
3rd-   Troop 34 Venice
Senior Division
1st-   Troop 64 Santa Monica
2nd-  Troop 11 Santa Monica
3rd-   Troop 34 Venice
1940 Nov 9 Hunt's End. Venice 1st-   Troop 34 Venice
2nd-  Troop 29 Venice
3rd-   Troop 63 Venice
4th-   Troop 67 Santa Monica
5th-   Troop 31 Venice
1941 Dec 6 Beverly Hills High School 1st-   Troop 34 Venice
2nd-  Troop 53 Venice
3rd-   Troop 32 Venice
4th-   Troop Beverly Hills
5th-   Troop Beverly Hills

(except for a combined Camporal event at Camp Josepho in 1945)

NOTE: The term "Pow Wow" was used on ribbons for the 1945 Crescent Bay Camp-O-Ral but other evidence indicates
the 1945 Camp-O-Ral was not otherwise referred to as a Pow Wow

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