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Council Events - Other 1920's-72  

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bout Other Council Events

            Crescent Bay Council scheduled a variety of activities and functions between the 1920's and 1972. Some were held one-time only, while others were held a few times or part of other annual events held over many years. Existing documentation for events prior to 1950 is spotty and it is likely that  leathers, ribbons or certificates were awarded that are not known to exist today. The most common type of insignia used in the early years besides leathers were "streamers" that would be tied to the tops of troop flag poles . Most former Crescent Bay scouts have memories of their troop or pack flags decorated by colorful streamers but few, if any of those scouts, ever examined their flags to see what the streamers were for.
July, 8
Pacific Palisades

Early Crescent Bay event likely held at the Conservation Corps Institute Camp in Temescal Canyon.
The Wigwam evolved into Crescent Bay Council's adult Scouter training program in the late 1920's.
Santa Monica Outlook Article
July 9, 1925  pg. 1


Calendars of Events
October 1930 - August 1932

Excerpts from Crescent Bay Council Annual Reports
Report of the Scout Commissioner p.8

Commissioners Report p.8


Note: President's Ribbon in February 1931 and Hoover Streamers in 1932
Location of December Winter Camps is thought to be Camp Trefoil. Location of April Spring Camps is unknown.

President Hoover's Award

          The Presidents Award was a National Boy Scout program started in 1931 or earlier and held in conjunction with B.S.A. Anniversary Week activities. Troops meeting specific requirements were awarded a streamer (ribbon) to be attached to their troop flag. In 1932, the National B.S.A. Council adopted a 10-year program of growth plan to enroll one of every four 12-year-old boys and keep them in Scouting for 4 years.          
          To stimulate this effort, President Hoover presented awards to Scout units, Councils and  Regions reaching a specific standard for the year. Blue President Hoover Award streamers were available from the National B.S.A. office. Crescent Bay Council also made its own individual ribbons and appears to have awarded both in 1932.

President's Ribbon
Crescent Bay Council Issue

"President's Ribbon 1932" in dark gold silk screening on dark blue silk with applied red paper star.
The purpose of the star is unknown. Size: 28 ¾ x 2 inches.
Ribbon has Fisch & Co. label indicating it was manufactured locally in Los Angeles.

President Hoover Award Ribbon
National B.S.A. Issue

"President Hoover Award 1932" in dark gold silk screening on dark blue silk.
  Size: 23 x 2½ inches.


Excerpt from 1932 Crescent Bay Council Annual Report
Presidents Report p. 10

            The Mobilization was an event started in 1932 and either discontinued or combined into the Pow Wow by 1935. The first Mobilization was held on May 21 but the the date was moved to Scout Week in February for the 1933 event.
          Recent historical discoveries give an indication of how the Mobilization event was prepared. Billed as an effort to "mobilize" the man-power of Crescent Bay Council, the event was held on a Saturday afternoon and evening.
It appears the Mobilization was only for adult scouters who applied to their troops for tickets to attend. Participants "mobilized" at Scout Headquarters by 2 P.M. and then traveled by caravan to Camp Slauson.  
          The rest of Saturday included a camp inspection, recreational games and contests,
"Ye Old Bean Dinner" (at a cost of 25 cents per person) and a campfire similar to the campfires held at Catalina (Camp Emerald Bay). At the first Crescent Bay Mobilization in 1932, Region 12 associate executive, Oscar Kirkham was scheduled to speak following the campfire.
         It is not clear if participants camped overnight at Slauson or traveled back home when festivities concluded. Since many troops had built cabins at Camp Slauson, some of the attendees could have easily stayed at camp on Saturday night if they wanted to.
         Today, little remains of the short-lived Crescent Bay Mobilizations other than a few awards issued for attendance and competitions.
            Promotional Letter
May 9, 1932


Letter sent to adult Scouters promoting the first Crescent Bay Mobilization signed by Council President J.G. Jeffery.
NOTE: Letter was not sent on Council Stationary.

Leather Patches & Ribbons of the 1930's

May Mobilization

"May Mobilization 1932" in silver silk screening on red silk. Size: 28 ¾ x 2 inches.
Ribbon has Fisch & Co. label indicating it was manufactured locally in Los Angeles.

In the decade of the Great Depression, spending money on professionally manufactured patches and awards was a luxury.
Hand drawn items on scrap leather could be made in very small quantities for almost no cost.

May 21, 1932

Second Place-Troop 15
  May 21, 1932

Second Place-Troop 34
  Feb 10, 1933
Troop 15
Brown ink on leather.     Brown ink on leather.   Black & red ink on leather. 

By 1934, the Mobilization was open to all scouts as well as adult leaders.
It may be the last of the Mobilizations held as no mention of them can be found in any historical documents existing today.

Troop 34

Black ink on leather. Size: 9½ x 10 ¼ inches

Track & Field Meets

Track & Field Meets were held over the years, usually centered around traditionaathletic competitions like the 50-yard dash.
The leather was awarded for the 1929 Crescent Bay District Council Pow Wow and is labeled "Field Meet".

ter Boiling
Second Place

Red & Black ink on leather. Size: 10 x 10 inches.
Only insignia to say: "Crescent Bay DISTRICT Council" and only insignia in the shape of the Council boundaries.

By the 1940's, Track and Field Meets appear to have been held for Cub Scouts.

50 Yd. Dash
Second Place

35 Yd. Dash
First Place



(image courtesy
Dr. Paul Millman)


Soft Ball League

During the 1940's,  Crescent Bay Council and the districts sponsored soft ball leagues for scouts.

Chain stitched writing on maroon felt with tassels. Size: Banner (without tassels) is 4 x 28 ½ inches.

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Regional Meetings

Crescent Bay Council hosted the 1927 Regional Executives and Older Scouts Conference
and 1942 Regional Annual Meeting of the Boy Scouts of America.

February 19-20
Uplifters Ranch

March 21

March 21
  Malibu, CA

Gold on green.
Older Scouts Conference
Region XII
Section 3
Button included a space for participant's name.

                                                                                Significance of the different colored ribbons is unknown.

Grand Howl

          The Grand Howl was a council-wide annual event organized by Crescent Bay during the 1940's to show-case the work and activities of Cub Scouts. Different Packs organized booths, much like the format for Scout-O-Ramas, showing off their crafts. The Grand Howl included pageants and competitions for Cubs and winning packs received  felt pennants, streamers and ribbons. Grand Howls ended around 1953 or sooner when Crescent Bay included the Cubs at its first Council Scout-O-Rama in 1954.

Silk screened on felt with felt tassels. Size: Banner (without tassels) is 2 ½ x 11 ½ inches.

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Anniversary Week

           After World War II, the National BSA office encouraged local councils to celebrate the 2nd week of February as the anniversary
of the founding of the Boy Scouts of America. Also known as Scout Week, Crescent Bay Area Council organized different events which included district camporees, Window Displays and other council-wide activities.

Silk screened (possibly flocked) on Sateen with felt tassels. Size: Banner (without tassels) is 3 x 21 inches.

Flocked on Sateen with felt tassels. Size: Banner (without tassels) is 3 x 22 inches.

see more  >   Window Display Ribbons

Boy Scout Anniversary Week
February 1954
Participation Award

Crescent Bay Council scheduled activities to celebrate the 44th anniversary of the BSA.
  Events included a Field Day and camporees put on by the districts.

Flocked on Sateen with felt tassels.  Size: Banner (without tassels) is 4 x 15 inches.

Guide Armband
The 1954 Scout Field Day was part of the Anniversary Week event.

Silk screened on felt. 3 ¾ inches tall

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Explorer Moot
  June 10-11, 1950
Camp Josepho, Pacific Palisades, CA

The 1950 Explorer Moot appears to have been a one-time event that pitted Posts and Senor Scout troops from Crescent Bay Council against each other. Competitive events included: Compass & Orientation • Fly Casting • Axemanship • First Aid • Night Signalling • Swimming • Team Physical Fitness • Trail Pack • Plug Casting • Diamond Hitch • Archery • Monkey Bridge • Canoe Tilting.

  1950 Explorer Moot Patch
          1950 Explorer Moot Certificate

Explorer Moot Camp Josepho

Silk screened on felt.
also see  >  Camp Josepho Patches
Colored seals were used to show competitive standing in each event.
2nd Place overall to Post 134 of Venice.
Signed: Jack Estromer-Moot Chairman • Wm S. Kenny-Executive • Joe Day

1950 Explorer Moot Photo

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First Explorer "Citizens Now" Conference (EFC)
  June 29-30, 1957
UCLA Westwood, CA

           "Citizens Now" was a national event of the Boy Scouts used by many Councils across the country. It started around 1955 and came to Crescent Bay Area Council in 1957. While most Crescent Bay events and programs proved popular with local scouts, the Citizens Now Conference did not. The event was not held a second time.

1957 EFC Patch           
Article in Round-Up
May 1957, pg. 3

It is believed this patch was issued
to attendees at the
Citizens Now Conference.
It is not clear what 'EFC' stood for.


First Aid Contest
(See Golden Trails District)

The 1959 Crescent Bay First Aid patches are shown here because they are often confused as being issued for a
Crescent Bay Council event. In fact, despite appearing as a Council event, the 1959 First Aid Contest was actually a
 Golden Trails District competition and camporee held at Griffith Park.

See more about Golden Trails District activity and event patches.
    Embroidered on twill.   Embroidered on twill.    

Executive Staff Conference
Camp Emerald Bay
September 27-28, 1962

An all day Conference was held for the Crescent Bay Executive Staff at Camp Emerald Bay.
(This patch can also be seen with the Camp Emerald bay patches)

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