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About Council Events

          Crescent Bay Council organized events to promote enthusiasm and interest in the Boy Scout program as far back as the 1920's. It is now documented that the formation of Crescent By Council occurred as a result of organizing a "Pow Wow" of local troops in October, 1921. The 1922 Patrol Leaders Training Troop book makes reference to a "Camp Rally" open to all troops in the brand new Crescent Bay District. During the 1920's, Council events were organized around athletics and competitive contests of Scouting skills, pitting troops and patrols against each other. Trophies, banners, ribbons and hand-made leather awards were given to the winning units. These leather awards precede patches and are among the earliest insignia known from Crescent Bay Area Council.
          During the early 1950's, Crescent Bay began phasing out its unique council-wide events. They were largely replaced by district camporees and other district activities designed to engage the interests and participation of Scouts and Scouters.  After 1954, Crescent Bay Council's once prolific annual program of events was limited to Scout-O-Rama and occasional participation in nationally sponsored BSA anniversaries and programs.

Crescent Bay Council events of the 1920's-72 included:

                Pow Wows    
1st Place Award
Skin the Snake

                 Beginning in 1921, before Crescent Bay Council officially formed, the Pow Wow became the big annual one-day event. A full array of scouting competitions were held including Water Boiling, Inspections, Knot tying, "Dressing Race" and "Skin the Snake", a timed event for skinning real snakes. Leather awards were given to the best troops in each category.
          Pow Wow's were held annually through 1941 with the exception of 1930 when no Pow Wow was held. The final Crescent Bay Pow Wow was held in conjunction with the 1945 Camp-O-Ral.
           Districts within the Council held their own District Pow Wows throughout the 1920's and 1930's. These Pow wows were used as pre-qualifying events where the winning troops and patrols would be invited

   Hal Brode with Snakes
Camp Slauson

to compete in the Council Pow Wow. Venice District Pow Wows continued into the early 1950's when the event was incorporated into the Venice District Camporees.
           Crescent Bay Council re-adopted the Pow Wow as a training program for Cub Masters and Den Mothers when it developed the Cub Pow Wow in 1953. The Cub Pow Wow served as an adult training event that did not involve cubs or scouts.

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Attendance Award

          The May Mobilization appears to have been a short-lived Crescent Bay Council annual event that started in 1932. The first Mobilization was held in May but later moved to "Anniversary Week" in February 1933 and 1934. They involved competitions different from the Pow Wow that included categories like "Song" and "Yell". There is no record of the Mobilization event being held after 1934.
                                                         May Mobilization
                                                  Streamer Award


Not shown to scale. Actual size 29" x 2"

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                    Swim Meets
Mystery Event Swim Award

              Beginning in the 1920's, Swimming Meets became a staple of Crescent Bay's annual event program. Swim meets proved quite popular and it is unclear if they were separate events during the 1930's or existed as part of the Crescent Bay Pow Wows or Camp-O-Rals. During World War II, the Council swim meets were part of the Crescent Bay Camp-O-Ral competition, often held at the Olympic size pool at Beverly Hills High School.
          After WW II, Districts begin holding their own Swim Meets in conjunction with their newly organized District Scout-O-Ramas. Swim meets were later incorporated into the Crescent Bay Council Scout-O-Rama in 1954 and were a regular feature of the Scout-O-Ramas through the merger with San Fernando Valley Council in 1972.

  Swimming Medal

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     Camporals & Camporees
Patrol Grade Pennant

Staff Ribbon

1946 Patch

          The Crescent Bay Council Camporal (often spelled Camporal with out spacing or hyphens) was first held in 1933.
        The following year, the event was combined with the 1934 Pow Wow as a pre-qualifying event for the Regional Camporal held at Griffith Park that year.
Formats for the Camp-O-Rals changed over time but further expanded on the idea of Scout Skill competitions by grading troop and patrol performance in actual camping conditions. The 1939 Crescent Bay Camporal instructions characterized the event as:

                "a public demonstration of
                 Patrol camping technique".
                            see the 1939 Camporee Log Book

          Between 1938-40, The Camporal was interchangeably also known as the Crescent Bay Council Camporee. After 1940, the term: "Camporee" appears to have been reserved for district campouts where patrols competed for selection to the Council Camporal.
          By 1936, attendance had increased to the point where the event needed to be located on the athletic field at U.C.L.A.

          Camp Josepho became the venue for Camporals between 1941-43. The 1944 Camporal was held at U.C.L.A. and at  Beverly Hills High School in 1945. The 1946 Camporal returned to U.C.L.A..
The last Crescent Bay Council Camporal was held at Reseda Park in the San Fernando Valley in 1953. Camporals were replaced the following year by the Council's most successful event, Scout-O-Rama, which was held annually through the merger with San Fernando Valley Council in 1972 and thereafter in Great Western Council.
  1st Place Award
Knot Tying

1st Place Award

1953 Patch

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    Camporal (& Dedication)
June 7-8, 1941
Camp Josepho
Local newspaper article by Alden Barber announcing Crescent Bay Council Camporal and Camp Josepho dedication. Apparently,  the Council event was changed from 'Camporee' back
to 'Camporal' in 1941.This may also be the first year that Crescent Bay districts began holding their own camporees.
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                                      Grand Howl  

          Grand Howls were events for Cub Scouts during the 1940's. Little is known about the events or their programs.

                                                                                            Grand Howl Pennant 1946

                                                         Anniversary Week
          After World War II, the National BSA office encouraged local councils to celebrate the 2nd week of February as the anniversary of the founding of the Boy Scouts of America. Also known as Scout Week, Crescent Bay Area Council organized different events which included district camporees, Window Displays and other council-wide activities.

                                                                       Round-Up Article
                                                                                                      March, 1953


                                                                                            Participation Award Pennant 1954

                                       Explorer Moot

          The Explorer Moot was originally held May 31-June 2, 1946. Jack Exstromer served  as the first Director. However, four years passed before the second Explorer Moot was held again on June 10,11, 1950. The event was set up like a 'Camp-O-Ral" with 13 special competitive events that included: Compass & Orientation; Fly Casting; Axemanship; First Aid; Night Signaling; Swimming; Physical Fitness Team; Trail Pack; Plug Casting; Diamond Hitch; Diamond Hitch; Archery; and Monkey Bridge.

                     Citizens NOW Explorer Conference (EFC)

          Another BSA National program encouraged local councils to develop Citizen Now Explorer Conferences. Crescent Bay Area Council organized one such conference in 1957 called EFC (the exact meaning being unknown). The conference event was not popular and was never repeated.


                                                            Fiftieth Anniversary Celebration

         In honor of the 50th anniversary of the founding of the BSA in 1960, the National BSA office encouraged local councils to once again participate in anniversary events. Crescent Bay Area Council
held a Jubilee Camporee, Field Day and Cub Scout Jubilee in honor of the occasion.



          The last Crescent Bay Area Council event ever held was part of the National BSA's project S.O.A.R.
in 1971. Local Councils were encouraged to develop a council-wide "conservation camporee" centered around project S.O.A.R.  District camporees for spring 1971 were cancelled so that the Council could conduct, what turned out to be, its final encampment event at Circle B Scout Ranch.

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