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Camp Emerald Bay- Staff Trunks  
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          By the late 1920's, Camp Emerald Bay Senior Waterfront staff was made exclusively from Crescent Bay Scouts who had
earned the American Red Cross (A.C.R.) Senior Life Saving award. Waterfront staffmen proudly wore their Life Saving badges
sewn to their blue trunks as their official "on duty" swimming uniforms.
          Classes were given each camping session through the summer in the requirements for earning the Senior Life Saving award but it was not easily accomplished. The 1931 Crescent Bay annual report documented only 7 Senior Life Saving awards being earned the entire summer. Those seven scouts became the recruits for Senior Waterfront staff positions at Camp Emerald Bay for the following summer, and candidates for the prestigious Camp Veteran pin if they were not already recipients.

Waterfront Staff Photo
circa 1930

Photo taken of some waterfront staff in front of staff cabins on South Hill.
Ken Wise and Ercell Hart are 3rd and 4th from left, respectively.

Early 1930 's
Trunks by Jantzen Co.

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