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Camp Emerald Bay - Slides & 3-D  
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Neckerchief Slides  

Emerald Bay slides were manufactured by a variety of slide makers including Torchy Plastics, Camp Sales Co.
and Sandy's Plastics. The latter two being long time Crescent Bay Scouters, Glen Gordon and the Sanford Family.

Torchy Plastics & Neal Slides
          The original Camp Emerald Bay neckerchief slides date to the 1950's and were manufactured by Torchy Dunn, a well known scouter from Los Angeles. Torchy slides were used all over the country and come in a huge variety of designs. In the late 1960's,
Torchy switched his manufacturing process to embossed plastic discs and apparently sold his original molds to the Neal Co. who continued to fabricate molded plastic slides for many years. The Emerald Bay Lifesaver slide comes in both Torchy and Neal versions.
          Construction: poured plastic in custom molds.
Late 1950's-1960's
Torchy Plastics
Dark Brown
  Early 1960's
Torchy Plastics
  Late 1960's-1970's
Neal Slide

Torchy slides typically came in dark brown and were often custom painted by scouts. The life savers on Torchy slides are round.

In the early 1960's, Torchy offered chrome plating on his standard slides.

Neal Slides came in a terracotta orange colored plastic. These slides were also custom painted. The life savers on
Neal slides are oval shaped.

Painted Torchy & Neal Slides
          A common practice at Camp Emerald Bay involved the custom painting of plain brown Torchy slides. Scouts would purchase and paint a slide in the handicraft lodge, creating their own unique souvenir to wear around camp and thereafter. As can be seen by this sampling, some of the slides were quite artfully done while others were....well....more abstract expressionist.

Silver, Gold & Red   White, Red & Black   White, Red & Dark Blue
camp emerald bay slide    
 Torchy Slide
   Torchy Slide
   Torchy Slide

 Blue, Red & Black   White, Yellow & Red    
 Neal Slide
   Torchy Slide

Red & Blue   White, Blue & Dark Red   All Red
 Neal Slide
  Torchy Slide
   Torchy Slide


Abalone Shell
  Late 1960's
Camp Staff
Abalone shell with marking pen. Plastic ring glued to back. Small abalone shells were often customized and used as slides and keepsakes.
Made by Bryon Graves.
Pen on Eucalyptus bark with thread.
This slide and many others like it, were made as handicraft projects in camp.

Made by Neal Slide.
Use by Emerald Bay Staff is inconclusive.

Sandy's Plastics Slides

          Sandy's Plastics was owned by Crescent Bay Scouter Oliver "Sandy" Sanford with help from sons Frank & Guy, both very
active scouts and Tamet Lodge Arrowmen. Between the early 1960's-1970's, they made slides for councils all over the country
including Crescent Bay slides for Tamet Lodge, Scout-O-Rama, Wolverton, Catholic Retreats and District events.
          Construction: objects and writing (on decals), sandwiched between a clear and colored layer of poured resin.

Ship - STAFF

 While "Anchorman" became a program at Emerald Bay in the 2000's, this anchor slide is not part of that program.
  There is no known significance to the various charms that Sandy used in his slides.
  NOTE: Lettering color believed to be faded, perhaps from being worn outdoors all summer.

  camp emerald bay staff slide  
        Varieties exist
in shade of blue plastic.

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Camp Sales Co. Slides & Money Clip

These slides were manufactured by Camp Sales Co., owned by long time Crescent Bay Scouter, Glenn Gordon. The slides were fabricated with a printed and embossed plastic disc about 1 ¼" across that was applied to a metal slide base or other object.

Money Clip
Disc has inner and outer SILVER rings, mounted on SILVER tone metal base.
(Also came with a pin back)
  Disc has inner and outer GOLD rings, mounted on GOLD
metal base.
  1970's disc mounted to
money clip metal base.




Created by Bobbie Nelson, wife of Camp Whitsett Ranger Jim Nelson, for sale to Emerald Bay Staff.

Almost all Slides were painted prior to sale. Proceeds went to staff activities, including the final staff banquets

Early 1980's
Mid 1980's


 Painted plastic.

Printed design on plastic.
Slide meant to be folded around and secured in a ring shape.

Heat stamped on Balsa wood.
Balsa wood loop on back says:
'Dead Men Tell No Tales"

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3-Dimensional Stuff

Emerald Bay Swiss Army Knife

          Late 1940's -1950's
Rubber Stamp

Rubber stamps for all sorts of things have been
popular for decades. Notice how the upper tip of the "Y" on "BAY" is cut off. That defect created a similar "finger print" wherever it was stamped on Emerald Bay swimming and merit badge cards, documents stationary and envelopes during the late 1940's-50's.

Popular Swiss Army knives could be ordered from the company
with customized logos and names printed on the outer casing.
Camp Emerald Bay ordered these knives for sale in the trading post.

Strange Stuff  

Camp Emerald Bay has inspired many scouts over the years to fabricate a variety of commemorative items in the handicraft lodge.

Note   1939
Staff Rock
Documenting note
from 1939 staffman
 Herb Turlshell,
forever remembered as:
"Keeper of the Pancake"

Why someone would paint a pancake and then save it for over 80 years remains a mystery. None-the less, this semi petrified pancake is now a part of the Crescent Bay Historical Project collection. We are told on good authority that this rock-hard pancake is currently in about the same condition as the morning it was cooked in 1939.
Here's an Emerald Bay Staff rock, painted
by Crescent Bay Historical Project Founder,
Jeff Morley, the summer he served on
"E.B." staff .Souvenirs like these were
commonly made by campers and staff
in the handicraft lodge.


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Proceeds went to staff activities, including the final staff banquets
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