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Camp Emerald Bay - Postcards 1950-Present  

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          During the 1950's, assortments of RPPC Bergstrom postcards made from 1940's images were printed periodically and always available at the camp trading post. It is also possible that some new images were used for the first time as RPPC's during the 1950's but specific postcards introduced in the 1950's have yet to be identified.
          As the 1960's approached, black and white RPPC's were looking old fashioned. The new look was full color and chrome-process cards. Camp Emerald Bay ordered new color postcard designs created from new photographic images; bringing an end to George Bergstrom's thirty year photographic influence in Crescent Bay Council.


Most of these cards were introduced in the 1960's and used throughout the 1970's. As supplies ran low, they were re-printed multiple times.

Aerial View of Camp

Swimming Competition


This photo was supposedly shot by Steve Wilson from a
 Sheriff's Helicopter. The Manta is moored to "A" Dock and the  first staff cabins on North Hill can be seen behind the canoes on the right side of the beach.

The back of this card says simply:
Camp Emerald Bay-Catalina Island Boy Scouts of America.
Believed to be an image of Advanced Swimmers race while recreational swimmers look on from water in upper left.

NOTE: Earlier printings say Crescent Bay Area Council on back. Later printings say Boy Scouts of America.

Caterpillar Race

Late 1960's


Back of card says: "Fantasticade" Day at
Emerald Bay. Caterpillar Race.

With all Scouts lined up on docks, this shot could be another Fantasticade event but may also be a canoeing safety demonstration by the staff (note capsized canoe in water).
Back of card says: "the waterfront at Camp Emerald Bay is the site of exciting challenging Scout activities such as swimming, canoeing, trimaran sailing, rowing and diving helmet descents, and is the starting point for overnight war canoe trips to the many isolated and beautiful coves and beaches on western Catalina Island.

      Mid 1960's-70's
Launching a War Canoe


Back of card says:
Scouts launching their war canoe into beautiful Emerald Bay on the Blue Pacific.Their destination for an exciting overnight campout and beaches on the western part of Catalina Island.
NOTE: Scouts wrapped personal gear and food in garbage bags for protection in case the canoe capsized in the open water swells, a calamity that occurred with some frequency.

Great Western Council Era

View of 'A' Dock & Waterfront

("Orange County Council")


Unusual card because the back says: Managed by the Orange County Council, Boy Scouts of America, 3590 Harbor Gateway N. Costa Mesa, CA 92626 • 714-546-4990.
Great Western Council had a unique relationship with Orange County Council in the 1970's as they took on Crescent Bay's Polaris Training program. But there is no evidence to support Orange County Council ever managed Camp Emerald Bay.
The rest of the back reads: Through a variety of water-oriented activities, young men and women learn life-skills. develop self esteem and gain understanding of our environment. Scouts and youth groups everywhere are welcome.

Western Los Angeles County Council Era

      Late 1980's ?
View of Waterfront from South of Camp


Scouts hiking a trail south of camp with Emerald Bay
 and Arrow Point in the distance.
Back of card reads: Camp Emerald Bay Post Office Box 5066 Avalon, CA 90704-5066 W.L.A.C.C. Boy Scouts of America.



The 2000's have brought in a new style of larger Postcards with dramatic and more artistic images.

"A" Dock at Sunrise

Campfire Circle off the Beach
Below Staff Cabins on North Hill


Backs of these cards say: Camp emerald Bay Western Los Angeles County Council
Located on Santa Catalina island, Emerald Bay offers an unparalleled location for camping, hiking, snorkeling, and other outdoor activities.

  Lone War Canoe at Sunrise

Morning War Canoes Heading Out to Sea


The fleet has expanded dramatically over the years.

Backs of these cards say: Camp Emerald Bay Western Los Angeles County Council
Located on Santa Catalina island, Emerald Bay offers an unparalleled location for camping, hiking, snorkeling, and other outdoor activities.

Catalina Island Fox


Rarely, if ever, seen at Camp Emerald Bay, the Catalina Island Fox would be a prize photo the Scouts are not apt to get....
(unless they buy this postcard from the trading post).
The back of card says: Camp Emerald Bay Western
Los Angeles County Council. Catalina island Foxes are
native to the island and are an endangered species.

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