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Camp Emerald Bay - Pins & Medals  
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Camp Veteran Pins

            Insignia for Camp Emerald Bay goes all the way back to the first year of the Camp in 1925. The original "badges" were what are known today as pins, issued as awards of merit to outstanding scouts. The award, known as "Camp Veteran" was symbolized
by a three-part logo that consisted of a tent atop the letter "V"; surrounded by a crescent that symbolized Crescent Bay District Council. The Camp Veteran program was also used briefly at Camp Josepho in the mid 1940's and at Camp Slauson through the 1950's.
           There were five different pins in-all, each color signifying a different level of achievement. Exactly how points were earned for Camp Veteran badges were earned is unclear but it appears final determinations were made by the Camp staff, based on spirit, co-operation, advancement, entertainment and camp improvement.
          Crescent Bay Council held summer camps at Temescal Canyon in 1922; Russell Ranch in 1923 and Saugus in 1924. Points earned at those camps counted toward Veteran badges at Emerald Bay.

Mid 1920's- Early 1930's
100 Points
200 Points
300 Points
500 Points
1,000 Points

  camp emerald bay pin      
White cloisonne on metal. Hallmarked on reverse. Shown on original manufacturers card.
  Red cloisonne on metal. Hallmarked on reverse.
  Copper or Bronze. Hallmarked on reverse
(courtesy Bill Topkis)

  Silver. Hallmarked 'Sterling' on reverse.

  Gold. Hallmarked on reverse.


Excerpt circa 1928
Camp Emerald Bay Manual, pg.14
  Honor Veteran Certificate
September 29, 1934

Honor Veteran became a camp award beyond Good Camper.

Awarded to Allan Bryan, Troop 28, Venice,CA.
NOTE: Pin was awarded about a month after the summer camping season had closed at Emerald Bay.

    Mid to late 1920's
Tribe of Pequawket

Sterling Silver.
           There are hearsay references to an Honor Society called Pequawket (also seen spelled Pequoket) at Camp Emerald Bay during the 1920's. However, written or photographic evidence from Crescent Bay Council is lacking. According to a letter written by Barney Bates, 1925 Emerald Bay staff man, the idea came from Donald Monroe, Crescent Bay's first scout executive. The society was
to be based on American Indian lore and Monroe selected the name Pequawket, an obscure tribe from New Hampshire, because "that would be the squawk from an eagle when you plucked a feather from its tail". The badge was to be a silver feather. The silver feather pin "badge" exists today but nothing more. To date, documented references to honor camper societies at Camp Emerald Bay during the 1920's and early 1930s have yet to be found.
(see more about  Crescent Bay Council Honor Societies)

        Beyond the Good Camper and Camp Veteran honors at Emerald Bay, top campers for each camping session were also recognized by the Staff with a medal. These distinctions went by different names ranging from Honor Camper, Best Scout and Outstanding Scout. By the end of the 1930's, the awards were being named after special scouts within Crescent Bay Council.
Known as "contest medals", these awards were available through B.S.A. National Supply and used by Scout Councils throughout the country. Typically engraved, the medals of the early-mid 1930's were meant to be inscribed on the front while the medals of the later 1930's are inscribed on the reverse side. The practice of awarding medals to top scouts at each camp session appears to have ended by 1941 and apparently was not resumed at Camp Emerald Bay when it reopened after World War II in 1946.

Honor Camper
Best Scout
Best Scout
Jim Price Award

  camp emerald bay catalina medal

Bronze.   Gold tone.   Copper or bronze.
  Gold tone.
    Awarded to "Bobo" Gillette, Troop 22, Westwood, CA       Awarded to Richard Stauffer
The significance of Jim Price is currently unknown.

Aquatics Competition

Awarded for rowing or canoeing competition, possibly associated with the Emerald Bay Fantasticade.

    camp emerald bay catalina medal  


    Gold tone.   Marked 'Catalina 1957'.    

Silver Pin

Manufactured by Camp Sales Co., owned by long time Crescent Bay Scouter, Glenn Gordon.
Fabricated with a printed and embossed plastic disc about 1 ¼" across applied to a metal base
with a spin-lock pin back.Disc has inner and outer SILVER rings, mounted on SILVER tone metal base.
(Also came as a neckerchief slide)

Swimmer's Tag

Printed on dense card board with pen and ink.
         The waterfront staff rated each camper in swimming ability on the day they arrived in camp. Tags were colored based on the scouts swimming skill: red and blue for Swimmers, blue only for Beginners and no color for Sinkers. Scouts were then required to post their tags on the waterfront board each time they either entered the water or took out canoes or boats. This system allowed the waterfront staff to see at-a-glance all scouts in the water and their relative swimming ability.

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Western Los Angeles County Council Era

Since 1985, Camp Emerald Bay has occasionally issued pins, most often to commemorate an anniversary
and also for the Anchor level of the Pirate Program.

60th Anniversary
70th Anniversary
75th Anniversary


60th Anniversary of Camp Emerald Bay. 75th Anniversary of B.S.A.
70th Anniversary of
Camp Emerald Bay.
Purpose unknown.

Faux pewter. Stylized version of the original Veteran pins from the 1920's-30's.
Cloisonne with acrylic over-layer.
Purpose unknown.

Anchorman Pins
Faux pewter.
Faux pewter.
Greater detail with rope.

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