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Patches NOT from Camp Emerald Bay  
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Some patches once associated with Emerald Bay over the years have been identified as not being linked with the camp.
Patches shown below are thought to be authentic patches but they were not issued by Camp Emerald Bay.

1930's?   1940's?    1950
Felt on felt with chain stitched embroidery.

  Embroidered on felt.

  Silk screened on felt.This is a Boy Scout patch, possibly associated with the old Yosemite Council from Modesto, California.


Flocked design on flocked white canvass.


Screened and flocked on felt.
Possible Ship or Troop patch?
Felt on felt with embroidery.


Silk screened on twill. Possibly 1999?



These segments look like Camp Emerald Bay segments but they are not from the camp.

Good Camper
Veteran Camper
    Used at Camp Tahosa,
Denver Area Council

    This strip is used at the
B.S.A. Florida Sea Base

Staff Rockers

          Large Camp Staff rockers, meant for wear over a 3" round camp patch, were commonly used by many scout camps around the country during the 1950's-60's. These patches were stock items available for purchase from the Ralph Geer Patch Company, St. Louis, Missouri. The 1958 rocker has been associated with Emerald Bay but there is no evidence that it was ever used by the camp. However, in 1959, E.B. did special-order a blue, undated Camp Staff rocker which was sewn on blue neckerchiefs and also available as a loose patch. This blue rocker was only used by Camp Emerald Bay while other dated Camp Staff rockers were not.

Ralph E. Geer Emblem Co.
Promotional Letters


Sampling of dated Camp Staff Rockers used around the country but not at Camp Emerald bay

                                  1954                                                                   1955
                                                                                                                   Dark Green lettering on White

Dark Yellow Lettering on Dark Blue
Red Lettering on White

1956 Green Lettering   1957

1959   1960

Catalina Island Souvenir Patches

Over the years, tourist shops in Avalon and Two Harbors have sold souvenir patches. They are not associated with Camp Emerald Bay although prior to 1950, a souvenir patch might be the only patch available to those scouts not earning the Good Camper award.
Designs often depict the Avalon Ballroom, flying fish and other familiar attractions around Catalina Island.

Late1930's   1960's-70's   1960's-70's

Heavy silk screening on felt.        

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