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Camp Emerald Bay - Staff T-Shirts 1947-1984  
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          The tradition of camp T-shirts in Crescent Bay Council is thought to have started at Camp Josepho in 1943 when the staff wore special white T-shirts as part of their standard Class B summer uniforms. The tradition continued at Josepho with newly designed staff T-shirts each summer through 1948.  It is unknown if T-shirts were also available for purchase by the campers at Josepho in the 1940's.
          When Camp Emerald Bay re-opened in 1946, the staff, most of which had also served at Camp Josepho during WWII, made their own T-shirts. The first known Emerald Bay T-shirts date to 1947 when both Staff and Camper T-shirts were used. T-shirts have been available at camp continuously ever since, a tradition spanning 70 years and counting.
          During the Crescent Bay and Great Western eras (1947-1984), Emerald Bay Camper & Staff T-shirts were always on white 100% cotton with a version of the camp emblem on the front. In the late 1970's the material changed to cotton/polyester blends.
Many Thanks to John Wilson for his help with the Emerald Bay T-shirt Collection

1947-Early 1950's

Dark Green silkscreen. In 1947,
"Crazy Pirate" mascot was used for the first time on T-shirts & camp patches.

NOTE: Various Camper T-shirts were used in the 1950's but, to-date, the STAFF versions of those shirts have yet to be found.
(see  >  1950's Camper T-shirts)

Beginning in the late 1950's, A classic "Crazy Pirate" emblem in red and black was used for several years.
These shirts can be distinguished by the color of the pirate hats and the size and boldness of the word "STAFF"

RED Hat - BLACK Lettering

Late 1950's
Extra Bold STAFF



is in extra bold font and letters almost touch each other.

"STAFF" is bold and letters are
spread apart.

"STAFF" is in condensed thin letters.

BLACK Hat - RED Lettering

STAFF is Condensed

S T A F F is Spread

"STAFF" lettering is close together.

"S T A F F" lettering is spread out.

S T A F F is Spread

STAFF is Condensed

"S T A F F" lettering is spread out.

"STAFF" lettering is close together.





BLUE EYES. Blue background is screened
OVER red B.S.A.

BLACK EYES. Red B.S.A. screened
ON TOP of blue background.

Green Background


Crescent Bay Area Council


Boy Scouts of America


Beginning in 1968 and thereafter, logos for the Staff T-Shirts have been smaller and positioned over the left breast.

Manufacturer's Proof Sheet

Staff T-shirt Logo

Silk screen on parchment,
prepared by Stanfield Mills through
B.S.A. National Supply.

NOTE: The 1972 STAFF T-shirt was issued during the summer of Crescent Bay Council's merger with San Fernando Valley Council and before the name of the new Council was decided.  "Boy Scouts of America" replaced Crescent Bay Area Council in the design for 1972. It is known as the transition logo.

Great Western Council Era 1973-1984

  Following the merger of Crescent Bay Area and San Fernando Valley Councils in 1972, Camp Emerald Bay opened for summer
camping in 1973 without significant change from previous years. While the Camp had always been available to scouts from the
San Fernando Valley, the merger only served to create more interest in Emerald Bay as a troop summertime destination.


Manufacturer's Proof Sheet

Staff T-shirt Logo

Silk screen on paper, prepared by Allison Manufacturing Co. through
B.S.A. National Supply.

Staff T-shirts; Leader T-shirts and Camper T-shirts were issued annually throughout the 1970's.
Images for Staff shirts between 1974-1979 are currently unavailable
(see  >  Leader T-shirts 1973-79)



WHITE Bandana


RED Bandana


The CAMP emblem design for 1980
is one of the few times since WWII that
has not featured a pirate.

Pirate has a WHITE bandana with heavy black details over left eye.

Pirate has a Red bandana over eye.



Silk screen design with yellow border.
Dark green collar.

The year shows up on the emblem
for the first time in 1984.

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