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Cub Scout Grand Howl
Full Color   Silent    Run time: 19:36 minutes
Photography: Unknown

          The Grand Howl was a Council-wide annual event organized by Crescent Bay during the 1940's to show-case the work and activities of Cub Scouts. Different Packs organized booths, much like the format for Scout-O-Rama, showing off their crafts. The Grand Howl included pageants and competitions for Cubs. Winning packs received felt pennants, streamers and ribbons. Grand Howls ended around 1953 or earlier when Crescent Bay included the Cubs at its first Council Scout-O-Rama in 1954.
           This film was discovered in 2013 and is the only known movie footage or visual images of any kind documenting the Crescent Bay Grand Howl. Based on buildings and scenery seen in the video, the 1948 event was most likely held at University High School. Thirty different Cub packs are said to have been represented. Many of the Pack exhibits are shown including lots of bird houses and other crafts. One of the early Pack displays shows Grand Howl pennants and ribbon streamers from previous years, examples of which are not known to exist today.
          Crescent Bay Council Cub Scout Commissioner, Mayo Wright, is seen speaking before the cub parade. At the end of the video is footage of entertainment for the Grand Howl, a 'strongman" in a Tarzan suite, who bends large pieces of steel re-bar. By today's standards, the act seems somewhat bizarre, at best. But the young Cub Scouts of 1948 seem genuinely thrilled.

Viewing Tips:
  Begin-click the arrow in the center or lower left. Pause-click the two bars in the lower left.

Blow Up Full Screen: Click four arrows in lower right corner. Return to small screen: tap ESCAPE key in upper left of your key board.


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