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Council Hats & Tee Shirts    

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Crescent Bay Council Hats

           Beginning in about 1957, Council executives and volunteer brass began wearing Crescent Bay Area Council hats
at various Council functions. Baseball style caps  with a Council patch sewn to the front were made up each year in a different color. Most commonly, these hats have been documented in photos taken at Scout-O-Ramas. By the late 1960's, hats were no longer used.

 1958         1959
Cut edge patch on white hat. White bill and under bill.   Cut edge patch on red hat. Red bill and under bill.

Rolled edge patch on white "flat top" hat. White bill and under bill.

Crescent Bay Council Tee Shirts  


It is believed  this Tee Shirt was worn by Council professional & volunteer staff at the various council camps.

Silk screened on cotton
Close-up of emblem

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