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Commissioners - Documents   

Los Angeles Times Article
October 17, 1924 p. 13

Neighborhood Commissioner
December 31, 1942


Possibly one of the earliest mentions of Commissioners in Crescent Bay Council. E.S. Elliot elected to replace C. H Gobell as the Council's deputy commissioner.

National issued certificate awarded to Arther Edward Smith
as Neighborhood Commissioner in Crescent Bay Council.
(image coutesy of Frank Glick)


District Commissioner Card
December 31, 1941

Commissioner Training Card
November 13, 1943

National issue card.
Chester McCluney, Culver Palms District

National issue card awarded to Art Smith for
 completing the course in Commissioner Training.

(image courtesy of Frank Glick)

From the Scouters Guide p.27
Function & Structure of Commissioners
in Crescent Bay Council
c. 1942

Program Book
10th Commissioner's Conference
September 28.29, 1968
Camp Josepho


Proposed Commissioner's
Training Course

Venice and Sunset Districts
October 1952

Purpose: to give proper Basic Instruction to Neighborhood Commissioners which will give them the best method for providing commissioner service to cub packs, scout troops and explorer posts.
Format: 12 hours (day and half) at Camp Josepho.
Five service projects, one each month, in each unit served by the Commissioner.
Arrowhead Honor to be awarded based on experiences and training from the programs.
  • Birds eye view of Commissioner service.
  • Outline of District and Council Programs.
  • Commissioners relationship to the operating committees.
  • Commissioners film strip.
  • Getting to know the units served by the neighborhood commissioner.
  • Seeing that all units have trained adult leadership.
  • Assisting units developing good program.
  • Making a unit profile sheet.
  • Commissioner's Institutional relationship
  • Using the Commissioner's program notebook.

Wall Chart
Commissioners' Award Plan


Chart for unit leaders to keep track of requirements for Commissioners' Awards.

Program Book
10th Commissioner's Conference
September 28.29, 1968
Camp Josepho

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